What are the characteristics of V cone flowmeter?

V-cone flowmeters are generally used to measure a lot of fluids, many companies will use this kind of flowmeter, so it will be so welcomed by many companies, because this kind of flowmeter has very good measurement characteristics, then come What are the characteristics of this flow meter? First, the V-cone flowmeter has a very high measurement accuracy, the measured results are not too large and error, but also has a good repeatability, and some other flowmeters may not have a wide range ratio. However, this kind of flow meter has a relatively wide turndown ratio and there is no such concern. Second, the V-cone flowmeter does not require external rectification. It can perform its own rectification process, and only a short straight pipe section is required. There is also a very good function is that this kind of flow meter can be cleaned by oneself, can clean the place that is easy to dirty and hide dirt, do not need people to carry on the manual cleaning, very convenient and practical, this kind of The function is very suitable for fluid measurement in some blast furnace environments because the impurities under this environment are generally more. Third, the V-cone flowmeter also has a function to protect itself. It can well protect some key parts of the throttling device from much wear, so that the flowmeter can work longer.

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