Reverse flotation of roasting magnetic separation conce…

Angang sintering plant, Qidashan beneficiation plant, steel companies Jiuquan concentrator, are used as catalyst a weak magnetic iron magnetic separation process, the resultant magnetic concentrate grade is generally about TFe61%. In order to solve the deep processing problem of roasting magnetic s-----

é’¬(Ho) Basic knowledge introduction

In the second half of the 19th century, the discovery of the spectral analysis method and the publication of the periodic table, coupled with the progress of the electrochemical separation process of rare earth elements, further promoted the discovery of new rare earth elements. In 1879, the Swedish-----

Biological oxidation

Sulfide ore biooxidation is under the action of autotrophic bacteria (e.g. bite Thiobacillus, Thiobacillus iron oxide), and the ore pre-treatment, the gold oxide and dissociated out, and then using a conventional cyanidation (or other methods) reacting Gold recycling. For pyrite, the resulting rea-----

Kerosene (2)

(Iv) boiling fraction with kerosene hydrocarbon in n-collecting capability of molybdenite than kerosene collector ability PBM Yangjiazhangzi results demonstrate beneficiation plant Wuchang Nujol oil production (the weight wax) COLLECTING of molybdenite kerosene than conventionally used, and to tes-----

Common mineral processing method for platinum group met…

Currently in terms of extracting platinum group metals, used mainly in industry re-election, flotation and their joint process, which is the most widely used flotation. (1) a platinum group metal reselection mineral density are 7 g / cc or more, especially natural metal and an intermetallic compou-----

Thermodynamic relationship between several typical chem…

The main chemical reactions in the leaching process of uranium , gold (and copper , silver ) ores occur in aqueous solution. These reactions may be related to the potential of the system and the pH of the solution, respectively, so the general formula is as follows: According to the theory of chem-----

Construction and Sorting Principle of Spiral Chute

Spiral chute is a relatively new type of gravity separation equipment, in recent years for sorting disseminated weakly magnetic iron ore and achieved good results. Its main features are: simple structure, low cost; high space utilization, small floor space; no moving parts, no power, low energy con-----