There is more value in the value of the face, saying that you are: Fukang 4.5 power version "Bumblebee"

Recently, I believe that your circle of friends often have a gold card appear in your field of view, yes, he is Aoling "Hornet." With its high value, the Olympiad "Bumblebee" has been sitting on many fans before it went public.

On September 6, 2019, the value of the China Card was taken out of the "friend circle" officially released in Nanjing. If you were initially attracted by the value of this Oro "Bumblebee", then through this release you walk into his heart, you can understand that he is also a medium-sized card with connotation, and can bring You don't have the same product cognition.

Ao Ling "Bumblebee" brand new card released Ao Ling "Bumblebee" brand new card released

Ou Ling takes Fukang, excellent matching is born

The cooperation between Foton Cummins and Foton Ao Ling has been around for a long time. From the beginning of the establishment of Futian Cummins, its products were carried on the Austrian light truck. Previously, the Austrian light truck was equipped with ISF2.8 and ISF3.8 products, and the release of the Austrian "Bumblebee" card used ISF4.5 power, which not only marks the full range of Fukang ISF products. It has been matched with the Austrian bell, which shows that the company has enriched its products from light trucks to medium trucks.

Fukang ISF full range of products have been matched with Obell Fukang ISF full range of products have been matched with Obell

After the “May 21st Incident”, the compliance, specialization and segmentation products of the domestic Chinese card market will definitely be the main direction of the future. In order to achieve professionalization and segmentation of products, it is crucial for Oring to match the vehicle and the engine.

Fukuda Cummins Customer Support Director Chai Ruimin said at the scene: "As a joint venture between Futian and Cummins, Fukuda Cummins' product development will have a deep cooperation foundation with the development of Futian vehicle products, which is very important in the product matching stage. This release of the Fukang version of the Olympia Bumblebee, starting from the engine tuning, we work closely with the R&D team of Ao Ling, we will study which region and which market segment the Hornet will be applied in, Which user groups, and then with the Olympus team to go deep into the market, to capture and collect the usage conditions of these users, re-adjust the engine's torque curve through big data, and other performance parameters. It can be said that it is carried on the bumblebee The Fukang ISF4.5 product is the power that is tailor-made for this car. This is the innate advantage of Fukang and Ao Ling working together to do matching work."

Fukuda Cummins Customer Support Director Chai Ruimin (right) Fukuda Cummins Customer Support Director Chai Ruimin (right)

In addition, Cummins engine expert and director of Fukuda Cummins factory, Miguel Kindler, also said at the scene: "Fukang ISF series engine is a customized solution proposed by Foton Cummins and Ao Ling. With high efficiency, reliability, green environmental protection and other product advantages, both sides Will work together to provide Jiangsu users with more cost-effective products. At the same time, Fukang will also help Ao Ling continue to expand the dominant position of domestic high-end medium and light trucks."

Cummins Engine Specialist, Miguel Kindler, Director of the Foton Cummins Plant Cummins Engine Specialist, Miguel Kindler, Director of the Foton Cummins Plant

"The king of four-cylinder machine" takes you to run light and run, and earn more

It is well known that no matter which segment is transported, the lighter the vehicle, the more cargo can be loaded, so the “lightweight” of the vehicle is very important for the truck. On the basis of the increase in the load, the engine's engine is put forward higher requirements. The new Zhongka "Bumblebee" brand new card released this time is to solve this pain point.

The Chinese truck network reporter learned on the spot that the Aool "Bumblebee" used CAE simulation analysis to realize the lightweight design of the whole vehicle. The chassis of the car is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and high-strength steel, and the chassis quality is only 4.5T. At the same time, the rear axle of the vehicle is made of high-strength steel plate, which makes the overall weight loss 20%. Not only that, the Fukang ISF4.5 engine is equipped with a unique modular and cylinder liner design. The weight of the product is only 330kg, which is 30% lighter than the same type. From the chassis to the powertrain to the rear axle, the Austrian “Bumblebee” makes full use of the lightweight design, which greatly reduces the quality of the vehicle.

Ao Ling "Bumblebee" equipped with Fukang ISF4.5 engine Ao Ling "Bumblebee" equipped with Fukang ISF4.5 engine

In addition, in terms of power performance, the Austrian "Bumblebee" also has certain advantages. The Fukang ISF4.5 power carried by the car has the reputation of “king of the four-cylinder machine”. For the release of the Olympus “Bumblebee” card, the Fukang ISF4.5 product is reliable, dynamic and economical. Further upgrades and adjustments were made to the technical aspects. At present, the engine can output 220 horsepower and the maximum torque can reach 820N.m. It is the engine with stronger power and lighter weight in the same class. Not only that, the average maintenance mileage of the ISF4.5 engine is 40,000 km, and the maximum maintenance mileage of some applications is up to 60,000 km. The products have passed the rigorous inspection without overhaul, which makes the transportation timeliness and attendance of the whole vehicle. The rate can be improved to achieve "running".

Based on the lightweight design of the vehicle and the strong dynamic performance of the engine, the demand for the user's Dora will naturally be solved.

100% and stand, 3 hours up to the service to solve the worries

At present, providing customers with full value chain solutions has become a trend of development in the industry. In addition to products, the program should also include after-sales service, finance, logistics platforms, etc., and the three hours that Ao Ling launched in June this year The service provides a new service standard for the light truck industry.

"In terms of service, the whole vehicle and the engine are inseparable." Chai Ruimin said, "The engine is the core part of the whole vehicle, and it must also ensure the efficiency and response of the service. This is also the advantage that Ao Ling and Fukang have. Because the connection between Ao Ling and Fukang is 100%, each service station of the company will repair the engine of Fukang. In order to achieve the service of 3 hours, the ability to repair the Fukang engine must be available. The bell is well prepared. This also reflects that Fukang has achieved all-round cooperation with the service and the company.

Futian Ao Ling Service Brand Release Futian Ao Ling Service Brand Release

In addition, Foton Cummins has introduced a car networking platform for service assurance, which can monitor vehicles in real time and remote fault diagnosis. It can also query vehicle information in real time through Futian App, and actively remind users to repair and implement small faults based on big data platform. By self-processing, reducing the length of inbound repairs, the platform can also optimize user driving habits and ultimately improve overall operating costs.

With the advantages of lightweight, strong power and good service, this new China Card is bound to be favored by more users in more segments. This is the "Bumblebee" of the Austrian Bell. It has a value and connotation. Is your heart moving?

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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