The total investment of 580 million major scientific research instruments development project list announced

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On August 16, 2019, the National Natural Science Foundation of China issued a notice on the results of the review of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2019. The National Natural Science Foundation of China has carried out centralized examination and approval of 10 projects such as the above-mentioned projects, and decided to fund 41,752 projects. The total direct subsidies are 210,307,060,800 yuan, accounting for 72.51% of the annual funding plan.
The Natural Science Foundation of China decided to fund 18,995 projects, 743 key projects, 103 key international (regional) cooperative research projects, 17966 youth science fund projects, 600 outstanding youth science fund projects, and 45 innovative research group projects. 23 overseas and Hong Kong and Macao scholars cooperative research fund projects (continued funding), 2960 regional science fund projects, and some joint fund projects (NSAF joint fund, astronomical joint fund, large scientific device scientific research joint fund, civil aviation joint research fund and steel joint Research Fund) 235, the national major scientific research instrument development project (free application) 82, a total of 41,752.
Among them, 82 national major scientific research instruments development projects (free applications) totaled 580 million yuan, with a maximum of 8.14 million yuan and a minimum of 4.12 million yuan.
Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

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