Safety inspection of drying center in Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City

In order to ensure the safe operation of grain drying equipment within the jurisdiction, and to prevent accidents, the Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Office of Qianjiang District conducts continuous follow-up inspection of the drying center within its jurisdiction.

During the inspection process, the inspectors carefully check every hidden point in the drying room to check whether the system is sound, whether the responsibility is implemented, and whether the fire equipment is complete. At the same time, it actively communicated with the person in charge of the drying center, and exchanged information on the operation status of the drying room and the drying technology training.

Economizer with exhaust damper, fresh air damper, returan air damper and exhaust air damper. The dampers can be automaticlly controlled by PLC controller or by manual based on project needs.

This type HVAC system is another energy saving in the field of Air Conditioning

Interlocked to run when return air dampers are being closed and supply air blower is in operation. The extraction fans run when outdoor air dampers are at least 50% open (adjustable). It is also overload protected. A gravity exhaust damper is supplied with this option to prevent air from entering the unit during shutdown.The power exhaust fans have been size to exhaust 50% of the nominal air flow of the unit.

Rooftop Packaged Unit with Air Damper

The schematic diagram as below like free cooling system.

Economizer Diagram for Rooftop Packaged Unit

Rooftop Packaged Unit With Economizer

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