Safe driving car tires cannot be saved

Vehicle tires are not a trivial matter. On a daily journey, Wanli Road still has to run on tires. The safety of driving and the convenience and safety of driving still depend on tires. Although we seem to be like a rim without much problem, how should we start? Most of the owners of the car should choose to take the professional car repair place to repair, the problem of cost is not too high, the effect is still pretty good. However, if the wheel that has been deformed can really be repaired?

Under normal circumstances in an auto repair shop, there are several ways to repair rims: using professional mechanical tools to restore the sunken rims, or repair methods that use repair welding etc. will appear cracked round The ring is repaired, and either a polished or abraded method is used to perform a surface repair of the rim that has experienced deep scratches. However, in actual use. The rim is the most critical position of the entire vehicle load, so what we need to understand now is that the rim belongs to the characteristics of the metal. After it is damaged, it causes a great change. In this case, it cannot be repaired. What is the original status quo?

For a steel rim that is common in low-end configurations of everyday life, steel rims generally have relatively high strength and stiffness, so the wheels are not so It is easy to damage. But what if it really happened? Can steel wheels recover?

The main material of steel rims is steel. Steel is a material with good metal ductility. It is generally manufactured by casting. The surface layer of steel rims is subject to professional rust prevention. The treatment process can well ensure that the steel wheels will not rust when used for a long time, because the steel raw materials used will not have any excessive impact on the entire strength and rigidity of the rim. At the same time, it is because of the steel material. After a few cracks in the rim, it is also possible to recover the strength of the rim after repairing it. In general, steel wheels are also the best type of recovery in many wheels. (Text | Sun Ni)

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