Lighter and Safer Cheng Li Aluminum Alloy Tanker

With the gradual unification of national standardization of transportation equipment, lightweight design has become a fashionable topic, and it has been able to greatly improve the vehicle's carrying capacity and at the same time, it has been able to significantly save oil costs.

For the tanker, the use of aluminum alloy material can greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle and significantly improve the performance of the vehicle. The two aluminum alloy tank trucks exhibited in this CIMC, in addition to the pursuit of lightweight, have also optimized the vehicle in terms of improving the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading materials.


First, the car is equipped with a bottom loading system. It can be either top-filled or bottom-loaded. When the bottom is loaded, the liquid anti-spill system ensures that the tanker will not overfill with oil.

Second, this car also has anti-away system. When loading and unloading material, this system can make the trailer automatically in the braking state, when all the valves and loading and unloading mouth closed, the anti-drive away system will be released from the braking state, can effectively prevent accidents and prevent major accidents.

In addition, in order to reduce oil and gas losses, the trailer is also equipped with an oil and gas recovery system, which can realize the internal circulation of oil and gas in tankers and storage tanks. Oil and gas will not leak into the air, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards.


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