Iveco, Chase and Jiangling Combine the New 2017 European Union Light Passenger Outlook (3)

Although the European light passenger market in 2017 is expected to “bottom in rebound” and shows a slight growth trend, the competition around this market segment is also becoming more and more intense. The war is imminent, and on the other hand, more new models will also be launched and promoted in 2017.

After all, what new products will be launched by major domestic European light passenger companies in 2017? Please see the analysis report of the first commercial vehicle network.

Iveco shot once is two new cars

If we say that the 2016 new product wars mainly look at Datong, Transit, and Tuyano, then Nanjing Iveco officially joined the war in 2017. Moreover, it is two new cars at a time.

According to Nanjing Iveco General Manager Yang Junhu’s information on the first commercial vehicle network last year, in early 2017, Nanjing Iveco will launch an upgraded version of “Turbo Daily”. Now, the "proud" upgrade (TD upgrade) is coming soon! According to the latest information on the first commercial vehicle network, the new car will be available in March, with little change in appearance. The changes are mainly reflected in the "eight aspects".

"Turbo Daily products have been widely recognized by the market for their classic, stable and cost-effective image since they were put on the market. With the rapid development of the European light passenger market, users' demands for products have gradually increased. With the opportunity to build a new factory, Nanjing Iveco has introduced a new enhanced model with a new stamping die, a more automated welding platform, and a more precise body painting process,” said the person in charge of Nanjing Iveco. "The new Turbo Daily is a comprehensive upgrade based on the original model and aimed at the existing market's pain points. It promotes the eight functions as a bright spot, has better user value, and can more effectively meet the diversification and specialization of the logistics industry. Needs."

In the second half of 2017, Nanjing Iveco will also launch a new generation of Daily new product. This product is fully synchronized with European Iveco New Daily, including chassis design, body electronics architecture, front and rear suspension, etc. all adopt the latest European technology, which greatly enhances Iveco. It is the competitiveness of light passengers in the Chinese market. This new product should be regarded as "long absence", before this, the domestic Iveco light passenger produced by Nanjing Iveco Company has always been the product of improvement and promotion based on the Iveco platform introduced in the last century, and Iveco did not realize product synchronization with Europe. . Now, with the new generation of Daily new products being synchronized with Europe, its driving comfort, power, exterior interior, and chassis stability will all have a leap forward over existing products. Moreover, because it is a localized model, Nanjing Iveco also added the Chinese elements in terms of appearance, which is not exactly the same as the European Iveco prototype. This is particularly desirable.

In 2017, with the upgraded version of "Proud", with the localization of Iveco's new products, Nanjing Iveco's combat effectiveness will be greatly enhanced. Its product line will be upgraded from two to three - from the "proud" and Power Daily two product lines, evolved into "proud", Power Daily and Iveco new (new product name is not yet released) three-line operations, respectively, the main economic type , mid-range and high-end market segments.

In a popular phrase, it is awesome Word!

The first three strong competitions are extremely fierce

In 2017, the National Environmental Protection and Emissions Regulations were the “Big Years” for the complete switch of State V from State IV. In order to seize the opportunities in the national V era, the other two strong teams in the European Union – Jiangling Ford Transit and SAIC Datong have their own specialties. .

First talk about Jiangling Ford Transit. Although JMC launched the new commercial vehicle platform Ford New Transit (the European prototype was the Ford Transit Custom) at the end of September last year, its impact on the terminal market and industry can actually be seen from 2017. The beginning (the sales period in 2016 was only four quarters, and distributors distributed more goods). Due to the obsolescence of Classic Transit in December 2016, the Ford brand's Transit Lighter has changed from three product lines to two product lines, that is, from Classic Transit, New Generation Transit, and New Transit, to New Transit and New Generation. Transit. In the first half of this year, the series of models with a large sales base of the classic Quanshun was missing. Jiangling Teshun had not yet launched the market. Jiangling Ford Transit faced pressure from SAIC Chase and Nanjing Iveco in the first half of the year.
Objectively speaking, New Transit has its own unique competitiveness. On the one hand, it has a 2.0T PUMA diesel engine and a 2.0-liter EcoBoostGTDi petrol engine to choose from, and both are Ford's R&D and production, and the localization of JMC, especially the gasoline engine, is much stronger than the original classic Transit gasoline engine. At least in terms of dynamics, vehicle compatibility, fuel economy, and reliability, the company has improved a lot; on the other hand, the lowest price of 114.9 thousand yuan for the country’s four cars and 127,300 yuan for the five cars in the country has also allowed New Quanshun to be able to To fill the market space after the classic Quanshun exit.

It is worth mentioning that Jiangling will also launch Jiangling Teshun's “Jiangling Teshun” European light passengers in 2017. This area was previously not covered by JMC’s own brands. The light passenger car called Jiangling Teshun is expected to be put into mass production in the second and third quarter of this year. Its chassis and platform are all classic Transit. It was purchased by Jiangling from Ford’s hand and the profile was redesigned. However, there is no major change in the chassis, and the engine will also use the 4JB1 technology 2.8T diesel engine as well as the purchased gasoline engine. The significance of this model for Jiangling is also uncommon. Under the offensive of the Ford brand "Classic Transit" and the aggressiveness of SAIC Chase, Jiangling Teshun and Ford's New Transit and Ford's New Transit will together ensure that Jiangling NO. 1 The status of unshakable status (according to the latest "newspaper" of the first commercial vehicle, Jiangling Teshun is carrying out a number of extremely cold tests such as low temperature limit and cold start at Heihe in Heihe).

SAIC Chase V80, the most eye-catching and fastest-growing European light passenger dark horse brand in recent years, launched the 2017 annual model in the second half of 2016 – Chase has always had the habit of pushing “annual model” and it will be launched every year. The small car models of the year. Compared with the 2016 model, the V80's 2017 model has not undergone major changes. It has mainly adjusted the body and configuration details, and has continued to refine, adapting to the market and customer needs. For example, the V80's 2017 Pride Express retrofits the previous black plastic bumper into the same color as the body, making it even more beautiful and atmospheric. In the fourth quarter of 2017, SAIC Datong will also launch 2018 models of the year.

Moreover, following the 2018 model year, SAIC Datong will launch a replacement product for the V80 widebody light passenger vehicle in 2018-2019 (which is a “regeneration” rather than a “modification.” The new car is expected to show its face in 2018, 2019 This will be a new generation of competitively-developed vehicles of the year. Not only will there be pre-precursor models such as the V80 of this generation, but there will also be front-and-back drive models, and it will be the market for the European light passengers and the major The impact of competitive companies can be imagined.

The first three strong teams of European light passengers have introduced new ones, and the small partners behind them are naturally unwilling to show signs of weakness. In early March, Jianghuai Xingrui’s second-generation products will be announced in Hainan, launching a full-scale counterattack. For more details, please follow our follow-up report.

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