In front of the "mangosteen", the Jiangyan tower crane did not move

On September 26th, China Ordnance Industry Group Jiangyan Electromechanical Group Co., Ltd. received a special thank-you letter. Thanks to the letter, Fujian Minnan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. expressed its high recognition and praise for the test of Jiangyin Tower Crane and the safety and reliability of the super typhoon “Mangosteen” in mid-September.

It is understood that Fujian Minnan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. purchased one QTZ400 and QTZ315 tower cranes from Jiangyan Group in 2014, and stands on the project site of Guoxin Financial Building in Futian District, Shenzhen. The tower crane construction height is 245 meters. During the four-year project construction process, Jiangyan Tower Machine has experienced many times of strong typhoon test. The destructive power of the "Hawthorn" typhoon is rare in recent years, especially Shenzhen is the hardest hit area of ​​"Mangosteen". After the "Mangosteen", the company's project equipment management personnel conducted a rigorous inspection of the on-site tower crane and found that the equipment was intact and the state was completely normal.

In recent years, Jiangya Group's tower cranes rely on excellent military quality to stand on the market, closely focus on the business philosophy of “continuously strengthen quality control and build the safest tower crane brand”, and continuously carry out technological optimization and innovation, process improvement and quality management. Improve product quality and win the trust of our customers with excellent quality. (This article comes from China Ordnance Industry Group)

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