How to connect the motor soft start?

The specific wiring can be wired according to the circuit in the description. The main principle is to use the soft starter to start when the motor starts. After the motor starts, there is a contactor to bypass the three lines of the soft starter so that the current does not pass the soft starter. Please refer to.

It uses double platform structure and semi-pit installation, and efficient buffer components are used, which can absorb impact energy of waste steel during weighing, and reduce impact force born by Load Cell.

It can be widely used for weighing steel ladle and iron ladle in steel plant and casting plant

Double platform structure design, thick plate, efficient buffer components, strong impact resistance;

Buffer components absorb impact energy, and improve operating life of load cell;

Buffer components are optional, and high temperature configurations are optional;

Buffer components use suitable pre-tightening force, and reduce weighing stabilization time;

Scale frame has excellent structure, rational limit, quick and reliable weighing.

Customizing according to user`s steel ladle specifications.

Waste Steel Weighing Scale

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