How convenient is the QR code access control?

Under the impact of the Internet wave, with the improvement of people's quality of life and the expansion of urban community size, traditional access control cards are increasingly popular with the public because of “inconvenient carrying”, “card loss” and “security risks that are easily copied and cracked”. Not recognized! The hand-coded two-dimensional code access not only compensates for this defect, but also incorporates the value-added service of the hand.
In response to market demand, the Sebres manufacturer has jointly launched a two-dimensional code access control solution. By using bar code technology and IoT technology, the property management system is perfectly integrated with the hand-coded QR code scanner to expand the mobile phone. Value-added services of “scanning code to open the door”. Realize a more convenient, more stable, safer and more efficient door opening service to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the public.
While retaining the traditional access card, the smart hand ji can be used as a carrier, and the function of opening the door by the two-dimensional code of the hand ji is added to the access control end. The property upgrade management system, combined with the hand-held two-dimensional code access control system at the access control end, the community owner only needs to open the micro-xin small program and obtain the right to use the two-dimensional code access control by hand ji number ma real name authentication. If the hand is lost, you can apply for a new scan code to open the door at the property office, or use other methods such as IC card, body certificate, password, etc. If the original hand ji number is still used, you can directly pass the hand. No. ma authorized to enter the small program. The settlement of the security of the residential quarters, multiple protection owners can not open the door to enter the door.
QR code access control supports multiple recognition methods
It replaces the traditional door card, the installation is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the door opening function is integrated into the mobile phone, which is convenient for work and life. Through QR code visitor management, we can solve the troubles of relying on manpower registration to visit people in the past. The addition and change of permissions become very flexible, and the access situation can be mastered in real time. All problems can be solved remotely, and it can be ensured in time and effectively. Access to public places is safe. A large number of practical cases show that the mobile phone two-dimensional code access can provide a huge drainage for the smart community platform, forming a real and effective "closed loop", better taking into account property income and convenient access. Using mobile phones to open the door can effectively collect in and out data, master the flow of people, high and low peaks, and relevant departments can arrange human coordination scientifically and reasonably, reduce congestion in and out, improve user experience, and save labor costs. Give full play to the mobile phone QR code recognition and data transmission performance, combined with the mobile phone QR code access control system, to bring the new and fashionable mobile phone "scan code open door" experience to the community owners, and provide hardware support for the efficient operation of property access control, killing two birds with one stone.
The advantages of two-dimensional code access control
The intelligent access control adopts the mainstream two-dimensional code scanning technology, which has high security, strong versatility, stable quality and low failure rate. At the same time, in the information management, data can be saved and updated in time, which can grasp the community faster and more accurately. The entry and exit of personnel.
Seberrose adopts the self-developed intelligent core decoding technology, which is specially designed for the screen reading of mobile phones. In addition to quickly reading the screen code of the mobile phone, the bar code information on the paper document can be easily identified; in addition, it The core function of the modular design can be perfectly embedded with terminals such as smart access control and bus QR code card reader.

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