HFDT500 single-level copper conductor wire contact technical data

HFDT500 single-grade copper conductor trolley wire is made of oxygen-free copper guide rail, large current carrying capacity, low voltage drop, good wear-resisting copper, ensuring mobile guide and effective service life, widely used in various large-tonnage door hangers , mobile cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes and other mechanical equipment for mobile power.

The trolley wire is a "special wire" that powers moving, rotating equipment (cranes, brakes, cranes, rotating conductive rings).

1. Safety: The housing of the trolley line is made of engineering plastics with extremely strong insulating properties. The insulation performance is extremely strong. If the maintenance personnel encounters the outside of the power transmission conduit, there is no damage.

2. Reliable: The power transmission rail has excellent electrical conductivity, very fast heat dissipation, and low impedance. The conductor moves quickly and has excellent directional performance. It controls the arc and string arc conditions very well.

3. Affordable: The structure of the power supply security trolley line device is simple and can save about 10% of electricity. The design is novel, without any insulation structure and no compensation line.

4. Convenient: The assembly is simple, the fixing bracket of the trolley wire, the connection clip and the suspension device are all supplied with common parts. Assembly and disassembly, adjustment and maintenance are convenient.

Smooth chamfers are installed at the joints of the bridge-type safety trolley line, which largely avoids the breakage of the trolley line breakage. High-end technical support and excellent production workers make our products available to the market. Has always been critically acclaimed.

HFDT500 single conductor copper conductor

HFDT copper unipolar trolley wire Basic parameters No. Model size 35°C Cut-off (A) 35°C 100m DC resistance (Ω) 35°C 100m AC impedance (Ω) Duct profile HxW (mm) Crane Applicable tonnage center distance Current collector with model 1HFDT1501500.0480.02974726×2030~7085JDD160











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