Five radiator tips

In our lives, we must carry out professional repairs and maintenance on a regular basis to maintain the stability of performance. For radiators in our homes, in order to enhance the heating effect and extend the service life, we should also pay attention to the maintenance after decommissioning.

1. If you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface when clean water is wiped, dust and microbes attached to the radiator will spread to the air after the onset of the heating season, creating indoor pollution and threatening the health of our respiratory tract.
In order to keep the surface clean, in general, before use, use a clean rag to gently wipe, you can not rub a little bit of soapy water, and then wipe it again with water, be careful not to have a strong corrosive solution, also Do not scratch with sharp and sharp objects to avoid damaging the surface.
2, the movement of dust to clean up the heat sink lion manufacturers to remind everyone, convection radiator if the movement more dust, can be cleaned with a tiger or brush. If you need to remove the cover, please handle it gently to avoid damage to the movement.
3, check the clear pipeline inspection and clean up the radiator filter, filter, at the same time, according to the situation to clean the system piping, prevent the deposition of dirt impurities caused by the pipeline during the outage, once the impurity deposition, cleaning is very difficult.
4, the fuselage can not be exposed Lion radiator said that the radiator surface is mostly sprayed plastic and paint, exposure will accelerate the aging of the surface coating, shorten the service life.
5, deflation and water maintenance We must first open the radiator valve before the system stops running, exhaust the air in the radiator. Then close the exhaust valve and inlet and outlet valves.
Whether it is filled with water or not, is determined by the material of the radiator. Steel radiators have strict requirements on the PH value of the water, and are easily oxidized in case of oxygen. Therefore, they are usually maintained in full water; excellent aluminum or copper-aluminum composite heating Although the corrosion resistance of the film is better than that of steel, it does not rule out the possibility of corrosion in certain circumstances. Therefore, it is best to use full water after the end of the heating season.
The lion radiator reminds that in the cold winter, the radiator quietly emits a steady stream of heat to warm our home. After the end of the heating season, don't forget to carry out a comprehensive conservation.

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