Concentrator maintenance electrical safety operation procedures

      1 Scope

This regulation specifies the content and requirements for safe operation beneficiation plant maintenance electrician positions.

This procedure is applicable to the maintenance of electricians in the concentrator.

2 content

2.1 The power plant of the concentrator shall comply with GB50070 and other relevant regulations. The staff must be dressed tightly. The female worker must wear a safety helmet and wear a badge. She should not wear shorts, skirts, high heels or slippers.

2.2 Electrical operators must undergo professional training, pass the examination, and obtain the operation permit before they can work independently. Apprentices and interns are not allowed to work alone.

2.3 When repairing various electrical equipment, it is necessary to hang the “No Closing” card before operating.
2.4 To participate in electrical work, you must have professional knowledge and properly wear and use labor protection articles, utensils and professional tools.

2.5 After the electrical equipment is powered off, there is a possibility of incoming calls at any time. The equipment must not be touched until the relevant power supply and safety measures are taken.

2.6 All electrical equipment or routes, regardless of power failure or not, shall be considered as live before the ground wire is installed. To work on a power outage, a three-phase short-circuit ground wire must be installed.

2.7 The housing of the live equipment must be grounded, and the grounding resistance should meet the safety regulations.

2.8 No one shall open the power switch arbitrarily without permission. It is even less permitted to close the power switch that has been stopped. In addition to the equipment-specific personnel, the indicators on the electrical equipment are not allowed to move.

2.9 Electrical equipment should be regularly tested for safety precautions in accordance with regulations to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

2.10 Safety protection devices on electrical equipment must be flexible and reliable, and work on line capacitors and large motors.

2.11 For the lightning protection facilities of the gunpowder warehouse and the important equipment of the substation, it is necessary to strictly check the ground wire breakage regularly and prevent the lightning protection grounding device from being damaged.

2.12 Non-electrical personnel are not allowed to install electrical equipment. It is strictly forbidden to pull and squirm the wires.

2.13 The transmission and drive parts of the electrical equipment and the exposed parts of the electricity shall be provided with obstruction and guards. Do not remove or remove it during non-overhaul.

2.14 When working on all electrical equipment, it is necessary to check the electricity first. It is necessary to ensure sufficient safety distance. The safety distance cannot reach the required high-voltage operation. It is necessary to disconnect the power supply and have obvious breaking point. The ground voltage is above 250 volts. high pressure.

2.15 In general, live working is prohibited. Electrical equipment below 220 volts must be guarded by special personnel when carrying out special operations due to special needs, and take appropriate safety measures.

2.16 All high-voltage power outages must be completed on time. And in accordance with the specified operational tasks, develop appropriate security measures.

2.17 Lifting and transporting electrical equipment First of all, it is necessary to check whether the various tools are safe and reliable. When lifting, there must be someone to guide them. When the equipment is 0.5 meters away from the ground, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection. After confirming the correctness, the crane can be lifted again. When lifting the equipment, no one can be below. walk.

2.18 Both on-site and high-level operations must be two or more. All insulating tools used in the work must be qualified before they can be used.

2.19 It is forbidden to store flammable materials in the workplace and in the factory. Immediately after use, the excess material is stored in a dangerous goods store.

2.20 Fire-fighting facilities and supplies are available in electrical equipment rooms and workplaces. For example: fire extinguishers, sandboxes and other fire-fighting tools, fire-fighting supplies should be regularly inspected and tested before use.

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