Car burglar alarm common sense and common fault analysis and solution

What is a car burglar alarm?
Car burglar alarm is an anti-theft device installed in the interior of the car. It is connected to the relevant circuit of the car and can lock the circuit of the oil supply or ignition system of the starter. It acts as a deterrent and anti-theft function.
Car burglar alarm common sense and common fault analysis and solution
The main function of the anti-theft device?
The main functions are: remote control switch car central locking, increase the vehicle after the start of the brakes on the brakes, after the key unlock, open the door flashing lights, deterrence, emergency search for a car, central locking automation, if necessary, can also prevent Grab (optional).
Precautions for installing car alarms.
1, first carefully when disassembling the vehicle, and to understand the structure of various models, in the case of uncertainty can not be disassembled, so as not to cause damage to the customer.
2. Circuits of various models must be scientifically searched according to prescribed methods, and cannot be based on experience. Only look for the lines related to installing the anti-theft device. Do not be curious. It is forbidden to test computer circuits, airbags, and ABS lines.
3, because many cars are equipped with computers will cause computer failure due to broken line; brake belt booster models, steering wheel with booster models, if the off the ignition line (ON), in the setting of anti-robbery, will fire in about 30 seconds At this time, when the vehicle is at a high speed, the brakes and steering of the vehicle after the flameout are very heavy or ineffective, causing serious harm to the third party. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect the starting motor cable and not to disconnect the ignition cable.
4, when the car can be off the ON line installation (such as carburetor, diesel car without a computer), 30A disconnect the white line to be connected to the ON line, anti-theft device output negative yellow line Connect the yellow line on the breaker.
Anti-theft program
1, first check the status of the vehicle: such as battery voltage, water temperature, oil table, headlights, small lights, turn signals, brake lights, indoor lights, airbag lights, ABS lights, SRS, sunroof and so on. 2. Installation: Find +12V constant fire wire, negative power (ground), turn signal light, door edge wire, brake wire, starter motor wire, central control wire, and on/off signal wire to be connected. 3. After checking the installation, you must check if all the functions of the vehicle are normal, and then replace the removed panel parts back to the original. 4, the car to the owner: the remote control button on the use of methods, features one by one introduced to the user, and make a demonstration, let the user master the use, to the user that if the car was lent, return, you want to clear the remote control and Re-learn once (see the instructions) to be safe and secure. 5. A page on the last page of the manual is reserved for users and is the after-sales service voucher after installation.
The use of car burglar alarm systems is based on the use of car power supplies and some of the car's own circuits. Once an alarm is detected, it will affect the normal use of the vehicle. This article analyzes the causes of some common faults and describes the processing methods. Most of the faults are handled by the user and can be resolved by reference.
Example 1. Symptom: The remote control does not work. When the remote control function keys are pressed, the red LED of the remote control does not light up.
Analysis of reasons: This failure is mostly in the remote control itself, and there are the following situations: (1) The battery power is used (2) The positive and negative reeds of the battery are rusted or in poor contact; (3) The remote controller is exposed to rain or water, Oil immersed and so on. In this regard, the circuit board can be removed, cleaned with industrial alcohol, dried with a household hair dryer or allowed to dry naturally before use.
Example 2. Symptom: The remote control distance becomes shorter and shorter. When the signal is transmitted, the LED brightness of the remote controller becomes dark or flickering.
Analysis of reasons: This phenomenon is mostly battery power shortage, replace the battery. In addition to this, it is recommended not to adjust or replace the components of the remote control yourself to avoid causing greater losses.
Example 3. Symptom: A function key of the remote controller fails. When this key is pressed, the LED indicator does not light.
Analysis of the reason: The failure of a function key (other function keys are normal) is mainly because the function keys are damaged or the soldering points of the key pins and the circuit board are detached. The keys of the remote control are mostly micro-switches, which are usually light when used, and they are waterproof, drop-proof, and heavy.
Example 4. Symptom: When the remote controller is not used, the LED indicators often turn on by themselves, or the LED indicator on the battery is always on, and the remote control does not respond.
Analysis of Causes: When the remote controller is not pressing the button, the indicator light is often on its own, and the button of the remote controller is usually mechanically damaged. The performance of the button is not good, no elasticity, replace the button. For the jump code type remote controller, pressing the function keys of the remote controller has no response. After the battery is replaced or the battery is reinstalled, the LED indicator is on for 20 to 40 seconds, and then no response occurs. This shows that the button has short-circuit damage. If there is no abnormality in the hand, use the multimeter R×1 to test the buttons on the road, and then replace the short-circuit button.
Example 5. Symptoms: The vehicle automatically shuts off and enters an alarm state after about 30 to 40 seconds of driving. After the anti-theft function is released, the above conditions are repeated during driving, and so on.
Analysis of reason: This phenomenon is caused by operating the remote control in the vehicle and causing secondary automatic theft prevention. As long as the anti-theft function key is pressed, the door is opened and closed again, and the problem can be solved. The remote control for automobile anti-theft system is limited by volume, and the function keys are generally not more than four. In this way, each key is often given several functions. Under certain conditions, the functions controlled by the same function key are different, or the function is more than one. With the completion of the keys, special attention should be used.
Example 6. Symptom: The vehicle is in an anti-theft state and the anti-theft alarm is disabled with the remote controller.
Analysis of the reasons: In the anti-theft state of the system, due to failure of the remote control or system host (mainframe is mostly remote receiving circuit failure), causing the release of anti-theft failure (the remote control loses control of the system), the car direction light (dual lights) , The alarm horn often sounds and the vehicle cannot start driving. At this time, the anti-theft system can only be temporarily removed, which requires the user to pay attention to the general installation position of the anti-theft system host. If you do not know the location of the anti-theft device, you can find the system host according to the LED indicators of the anti-theft system, ultrasonic sensor probes or alarm horns, and unplug the connector of the alarm system host and the vehicle. In addition, some remote-controlled car anti-theft alarm system host has an emergency release function, do not have to remove the system host, you can suspend the use of anti-theft device.
Example 7. Malfunction: The car alarm system is working properly, and the ignition motor is operating normally, but the vehicle cannot be started.
Cause analysis: This phenomenon may be caused by an alarm or an electrical fault in the vehicle itself. Judgment method is: the car alarm accessories cut off the ignition relay (12V/30A, generally placed near the car's key door) short two thick lines, if the vehicle can start at this time, indicating that the anti-theft system is faulty, and mostly relay damage. If you short-circuit the two thick wires to cut off the ignition relay, the vehicle still cannot start, indicating that the circuit of the automobile itself is faulty. In addition, when the vehicle encounters a bumpy road during driving, it is easy to turn off or turn off the engine at an instant. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the normally closed contact of the ignition switch is disconnected and the connection is loosened.
Example 8. Symptoms: When turning on the car while turning the light, the other side is also bright.
Analysis of reason: This fault is the diode breakdown of the voltage output of the anti-theft system controlling the car's directional light (dual helium lamps) (some of the two diodes are inside the host and some are attached to the connection). Excluding the same type of diode eliminates the problem. malfunction.

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