Camera network lightning arrester layout installation skills

The network lightning protector is one of the surge protector and the lightning protector. Its purpose is mainly used for the lightning protection measures taken by the network system and is an important manifestation of internal lightning protection. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the application of network lightning protection devices is becoming more and more common. It is mainly applicable to network communication equipment such as railway communication systems, mobile base stations, differential transmission stations, hard disk recorders, video surveillance equipment, and optical transceivers. Inductive lightning and electrostatic discharges, which are introduced by the system, damage the overvoltage and avoid signal interference. The network lightning protection devices mainly include 100M network lightning protection devices, Gigabit network lightning protection devices, network switch lightning protection devices, and network camera lightning protection devices.
As we all know, the network lightning protector is used to protect the video surveillance system during thunderstorms, so that the data will not be invaded by lightning. What are the layout and installation techniques? Let's take a look.
The hazards caused by lightning are divided into direct lightning and induced lightning. Relatively speaking, the installation position of front-end surveillance cameras is often divided into indoor and outdoor. Cameras installed indoors are not subject to direct lightning strikes, but they may be affected by induced lightning. Lightning overvoltage may cause damage to the camera. Due to the powerful lightning strike electromagnetic pulse, through conductive bodies, the monitoring equipment is seriously damaged. The outdoor monitoring equipment needs to be considered to prevent direct lightning strikes. In the face of the above-mentioned situations, how can we implement effective lightning protection measures?
Usually outdoors, the front-end camera is generally placed within the effective protection range of the air-termination device. When the camera is set up independently, in order to prevent the transient high potential of the lightning rod and the deflector, the lightning rod is preferably 3-4 meters away from the camera. In addition, in order to prevent electromagnetic induction, the camera power cord and signal line led along the telephone pole should be put in the metal tube to achieve the shielding effect, and both ends of the shielding metal tube should be grounded. If the geographical environment is relatively empty, it is necessary to use different grades of lightning arresters depending on the lightning protection zone and its impact-resistant over-voltage category and insulation surge current value.
In order to prevent lightning waves from entering the front-end equipment along the line, we usually install appropriate lightning protection devices on each line in front of the device, such as power lines, video lines, signal lines, and PTZ control lines. The signal line has a long transmission distance and a low withstand voltage level. It easily induces lightning current and damages the equipment. In order to conduct the lightning current from the signal transmission line into the ground, the signal overvoltage protection device must respond quickly, according to the signal transmission rate and signal level. Select the correct lightning protection equipment such as starting voltage and lightning flux. Both the front and the rear of the signal line need to be equipped with a network lightning arrester as shown in the following figure: If a lightning hits the middle of the front and rear ends of the wire and the lightning strikes both ends, if only one end of the lightning arrester is installed, the end of the missing wire is installed. It will be damaged by a lightning strike.
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