XIOPM Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences grasp the ocean turtle "weapon" R & D success

"The main task of our voyage video capture was completed by this all-deep-sea camera, which was a breakthrough in underwater video shooting history and a breakthrough in the history of underwater science." Institute of Deep Sea Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ding Ding-resistant to the investigation and study of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Ding Zhongli, vice president.

Ding Zhongli said: "Zhao Wei, led by the Xi'an Light Machine within a very short period of time to successfully complete the equipment development work for the Deep Sea Scientific Research has made an important contribution, commendable!

On March 23, 2017, the Mariana Trench Deep Sea Equipment Maritime Test and Expedition Test organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Sanya Deep Sea returned smoothly. This voyage is equipped with a ship "Exploration No.1" scientific research vessel, and the all-sea deep-high-definition camera carried on the "Tianya" lander is a marine observation system jointly established by the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Qingdao National Laboratory China's first all-depth deep-sea camera autonomously developed by Joint Laboratory of Exploration and Exploration. In this mission of sea trials, the all-deep deep HD camera is carried on the "End of the World" lander. It has 4 times dive to a depth of 7,000 meters and 3 times to a depth of 10,000 meters, with a maximum potential depth of 10,911 meters and For the first time in the world, the lion fish at a depth of 8152 meters were taken.

In this mission, the whole sea deep HD camera collected a total of 20 hours of sea-depth panoramic video data for the Mariana Trench abyss marine biology, physical and marine multi-disciplinary research provides important raw data, the successful Completed the task of expedition, at the same time, proved that a breakthrough has been made in a number of technologies such as deep-sea color correction, full deep-sea pressure window technology, underwater image enhancement and deep-sea image color restoration.

It is understood that Xi'an Optical since the 1980s underwater optical technology research, involving underwater long-range imaging, underwater optical detection, underwater multi-parameter sensing, underwater laser communications and other fields.

For the first time, a lionfish at 8,152 meters above sea level was recorded

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