Ultra-thickness steel ingot flame cutting equipment through the identification of new products by the Industrial and Information Technology Commission

China National Machinery Encyclopedia (www.chinesemachines.com.cn) Recently, the “Super Thickness Steel Ingot Flame Cutting Equipment” developed by the Harbin Welding Research Institute of the Mechanical Science Research Institute passed the new product appraisal organized by the Heilongjiang Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Committee. The maximum cutting thickness of 3.5 meters, the main technical indicators leading domestic and reached the international advanced level, and Japan's technical level.

According to reports, the super-thickness flame cutting equipment is a numerical control cutting equipment for super-large casting and forging projects. At present, there is no manufacturing capacity for cutting technical equipment with thickness of 2.6 meters or more in China, and foreign countries impose technical blockade on China, which is a technical bottleneck that hampers the processing of large metal workpieces in China.

The successful development of this product has broken the foreign blockade, greatly improved the level and manufacturing capacity of China's super-thickness cutting technology and equipment, and solved the urgent need for the cutting of large cross sections for key projects and major projects in China. The cutting thickness of the equipment is up to 3500mm, the verticality of the section can be controlled within 12mm/m, and the cutting speed can be up to 35mm/min. The product has achieved technological breakthroughs in the following aspects, all of which are domestic ones: 1) Developed a supersonic hybrid torch cutting nozzle and developed a flame cutting process with a super-thickness steel ingot of 2,000 to 3,500 mm, achieving efficient and high-quality cutting. He applied for two domestic invention patents and one international PCT patent. 2) Developed a large flow rate tempering preventer for flame cutting of large thickness steel ingots with stable and reliable performance. 3) Developed a large-flow energy medium system and realized the adaptive adjustment of flame morphology through remote control of process parameters such as pressure and flow of energy medium. Has China's independent intellectual property rights.

The production practice of this product in large-scale castings and forgings such as China Yizhong Group million-kilowatt nuclear power castings and forgings and large wall thickness hydrogenation reactors shows that the operation is stable, the structure is reasonable, safe and reliable, and it can be quickly and accurately completed in a continuously high-temperature environment. The cutting and separating of super-thickness steel ingots has excellent cutting quality, meets product quality requirements, increases production efficiency by 30%, and reduces environmental pollution.

It is reported that "super-thickness steel ingot flame cutting equipment" is a national scientific and technological achievements "high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," the scientific research results. The successful development and application of this product has raised China's technological capabilities in the field of large-scale casting and forging cutting to 3,500 mm, which has achieved a major technological breakthrough and filled the domestic gap. It solves the problems of high cost, low efficiency, and harsh working environment of large-scale castings and forgings in the fields of heavy equipment, ships, nuclear power, metallurgy, and heavy machine tool manufacturing, and improves the technical level of heavy-duty casting and forging parts manufacturing enterprises in China as a whole. Market competitiveness.

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