Transformer DC Resistance Tester Test Purpose

Transformer DC resistance tester adopts new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of rapid measurement, compact size, easy use and high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal device for measuring the DC resistance of transformer windings and high-power inductive devices.

The transformer DC resistance tester is an indispensable test item after the transformer is overhauled, overhauled, and changed on the tap changer. In the transformer transfer, overhaul, minor repairs, change the tap position, fault inspection and pre-test, etc., must measure the DC resistance of the transformer windings, its purpose is:

1. Check the welding quality of the internal wires and leads of the windings;

2. Check whether the tap switch is in good contact with each position;

3. Check the winding or lead wire for breakage;

4. Check the correctness of the parallel branch, if there is a single or several disconnection of the windings wound by several parallel wires;

5. Check whether there is any short-circuit between the layers and the turns.

product features:

1, lightweight, easy to carry, test speed.

2. Test current: 2.5A5A10A20A50A.

3, the use of imported high-quality components, software design multiple anti-interference program, the measurement accuracy is high, repeatability is good.

4, can store 255 test data, instrument reset, power down stored data are not lost, and can print all stored test data, easy to use.

5, liquid crystal display, adapt to a variety of different working environments.

Technical Parameters
Transformer DC Resistance Tester

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