"Thousands of monthly sales" reproduces rivers and lakes after three years! European Light Passenger Structure Change

In the European light passenger market, how long has there not been a new company with monthly sales of 1,000 vehicles?

Say you might not believe that it has been more than three years!

Now, the European fleet of light passenger vehicles with monthly sales of 1,000 cars has finally appeared again!

Who is this company? What impact will it have on the pattern of the European light passenger market? Please see the analysis report of the first commercial vehicle network.

European light passengers frequently appear in new competition

This year's European light passenger market can no longer be described as "fierce," but can only be described as "treasure."

It is tragic because the overall market is still declining, but the speed and frequency of new product launches in the industry may be the most concentrated year in recent years. "Cake" hasn't changed. There are more and more companies and new products for cakes. Don't you be tragic?

In 2017, the reason why the European light passenger vehicle market is not optimistic is that the first commercial vehicle network analysis has three aspects. First of all, the economic situation is not optimistic. According to the latest data issued by Caixin, China's manufacturing PMI in March was 51.2, expected 51.6, and the previous value was 51.7. Although it is still above the “Kue Weng line,” it represents more than the official PMI. The new PMI of Caixin was not as expected, reflecting the recovery and recovery of small, medium and micro enterprises was not satisfactory, and the pressure of the real economy further increased. Therefore, for the European light passenger industry, which is mainly based on passenger and cargo models and relies heavily on small, medium and micro enterprises, its market performance this year is not expected to be satisfactory.

Followed by the decline in light passenger exports, affecting the overall sales of the industry. The third is the upgrading of China’s five-emissions system. The passenger car models in the European light passenger market have been launched nationwide since January 1 this year. (The 11 eastern provinces and cities have advanced to light-duty gasoline vehicles since April 1 last year. For light-duty diesel passenger vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles (bus, sanitation, and postal use), the State will implement State V for all heavy-duty diesel and light-duty diesel vehicles on July 1 and January 1 of next year. Each European light passenger car company accelerated the switch of five models of the country this year, and prices have generally risen. This has led many customers to wait and see or even buy other alternative vehicles.

At the same time, in the first half of this year, various companies pushed new products very quickly. Just recently, Jiangling Teshun started pre-sales with RMB 106,800, with JMC's trademark; FORD's Jiangling Ford New Transit, short-shaft, mid-range and top-of-the-range new car; Futian Tuyano's five new products are listed in various regions; Second-generation Jianghuai Xingrui Bringing the country to upgrade the gold power, in Hainan announced the national listing; Nanjing Iveco will be introduced in the first half of the proud (TD) upgraded version and localized the latest generation of Europe New Daily European light passengers ... ...

In this environment of all kinds of new products, “You Sing to Me”, Tuyano stands out. The first commercial vehicle network learned that in March of this year, Futian Tuyano's VAN monthly sales exceeded 1000 vehicles, reaching 1006 units, an increase of 99% over the same period of last year and an increase of 110% from February.

What does this 1006 sales mean?

Foton Tuyano listed on the market so far in 2015 sales curve

Futian Tuyano's First Thousand Miles Reproduces Industry Milestones

Do not underestimate the sales volume of this 1006 vehicle. Although the level of 1,000 vehicles is “easy and common” for companies in large market segments such as trucks and cars, the monthly sales of thousands of vehicles for the European-based light passenger vehicle segment are considered. , is a threshold, it is a landmark event to become a mainstream brand.

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