The three original Cheats achievements Cummins ISG 100,000 km long maintenance

A hundred years of gene open science and technology box. Cummins has extended its science and technology through a hundred years, breaking through science and technology, and achieving over 100,000 kilometers of ISG engine maintenance!

Today, the 100,000-kilometer long maintenance cycle has become a common phenomenon in Europe and the United States. The old oil-exit cycle of Scania, the old king of Swedish roads, is as much as 120,000 kilometers. In China, most commercial vehicle brands cannot guarantee even 50,000 kilometers. Breakthroughs in technology have always come from long-term accumulation and endless innovation. Cummins has conducted long-term technological exploration and innovative improvements in many aspects that affect the life of oil, thus realizing the promise of maintaining 100,000 kilometers of users.

Cheats 1: Cummins Unrivalled XPI Ultra High Pressure Injection System and Optimized Oversized Air Inlet Design - Reducing Carbon Smoke Pollution on Engine Oil and Increasing Oil Life

The soot in the oil is mainly from incompletely burned diesel fuel, which can clog the filter paper. Deteriorating oil quality and causing wear of engine parts. ISG's innovative XPI UHP injection system was jointly developed by Cummins and Kanland. The injection pressure of over 2000 bar and the large intake valve design ensure that the fuel atomization effect makes the combustion more complete and the soot residue is extremely low. Reduced oil contamination. At the same time, the engine thermostat is used to accelerate the heating rate during engine startup, reduce the generation of soot in the start-up process, further reduce the impurities that enter the engine oil during the use period, and increase the oil life.

ISG's Innovative XPI Ultra High Pressure Injection System
Cummins ISG's Innovative XPI Ultra High Pressure Injection System

It is well-known that diesel dilution, soot intrusion, oil oxidation/nitridation, and coolant leakage all accelerate the deterioration of the oil viscosity and affect the lubrication performance of the oil. ISG ultra-high pressure injection system, innovative combustion structure, and minimal deformation of cylinder liners can all greatly mitigate the deterioration of oil viscosity and ensure the oil quality during the long oil change intervals.

Cheats 2: ISG's Innovative Wet Cylinder Design - Prevents High Temperature Oxidation of Oil

ISG's Innovative Wet Cylinder Design
Cummins ISG's Innovative Wet Cylinder Design

Oxidation of oil at high temperatures can lose its lubricating properties. ISG's unique patented cylinder liner design combines the advantages of traditional "dry" and "wet" cylinder liners. The liner deformation is extremely low, greatly reducing the oxidation of the oil under the string gas; and the use of cooling water system and lubrication system Cleverly designed to cut off the direct impact of combustion temperature on oil, to prevent the combustion of high temperature on the oil. ISG's innovative wet cylinder design has helped ISG's super-powered 100,000 km long maintenance.

Cheat Code 3: Patented StrataPore Long-Life Oil Filtration System and Nanonet Long-Life Fuel Filtration System

Cummins' patented NanoNet fuel filters reduce suspended particles in the oil. Suspending in oil

StrataPore Long Life Oil Filter System
Nanonet Long-acting Fuel Filtration System

The particles originate from air intake impurities, diesel fuel impurities, combustion soot, engine oil oxides, and engine wear residues. The increase in the concentration of suspended particles will result in a rapid drop in the lubrication characteristics of the engine oil. The ISG adopts Cummins's proprietary air inlet filtration system to maintain good filtration characteristics within 100,000 km. At the same time, the ISG filters excess impurities to ensure the cleanliness of the oil. NanoNet fuel filter implants nanofiber layers into multi-layer polymeric filter paper, effectively blocking impurities in the fuel as small as 5 microns. The filtering effect is 10 to 13 times that of ordinary filter paper on the market, and while maintaining high fuel flow, Step by step to collect more particulates, this patented filtration system is the latest technology and has been widely used in North America.

Cummins' patented StrataPore long-life oil filter system retards the acid deterioration of the engine oil.

The acidity of engine oil is mainly derived from the combustion of sulfur content in diesel oil, which will corrode parts of the diesel engine and is one of the main factors affecting the oil change period. In this regard, ISG's high-efficiency combustion system design directly reduces the impact of the combustion process and its products on the oil; in addition, Cummins's patented StrataPore long-life oil filter system, including Cummins unique patented additives, greatly retarded the oil's Acid deterioration, maintain good oil properties. NanoNet's patented filtration system has been widely used in North America!

StrataPore Long Life Oil Filter System
StrataPore Long Life Oil Filter System

The user said "Covering 100,000 kilometers, Cummins said it!"

seeing is believing. More voices are better than the actual experience of the card friends. Since June 2014, 100,000 kilometers of users from the Northeast, East China, North China and Southwest China have been produced one after another to listen to their voices together.

100,000 kilometers northeast - Harbin Teng Lichang

[Ouman GTL Super Edition 100,000 km maintenance of the first person, from northeast China and Zhejiang Yiwu, daily transportation, the current mileage: 195,000 km]

Waiting for maintenance Auman GTL Super Edition

"This time, I believe it is that the 100,000-kilometer-long maintenance of Auman's GTL Super Edition engine is really not blown, real power, and leverage!"

One hundred thousand kilometers East China — Xiao Debing, known as “Aulman Superman”

【From Guangxi and Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Current Mileage: 110,000km】

Xiao Debing and his Auman GTL Super Edition
Xiao Debing and his Auman GTL Super Edition

"The most attractive part of the maintenance process is the replacement of oil. The oil of the 100,000-kilometer replacement of the Auman GTL Super Edition has no loss of adhesion or transparency. "when

The masterpiece of the master Shaw said excitedly.

100,000 kilometers in North China - Shijiazhuang

【From Hebei, Xinjiang, and Guangzhou, the current mileage: 120,000 km】

A photo of the master and the super version
A photo of the master and the super version

"According to the 200,000-kilometer run in 1 year, the super-engine engine maintenance cost can save about 10,000 yuan a year! Even more critical is that each maintenance must be at least half a day's work, and it can save 5-6 days a year. Suspension time, enough to run more than 2 live, clearly understand more to earn it!

100,000 kilometers in Southwest China - Master Wang Hongjian from Yunnan Dali

[Railway between Yunnan Ruili and all parts of the country, fruit transport, current mileage: 120,000 km]

Master Wang poses with Super Edition
Master Wang poses with Super Edition

"From the very beginning to prepare to purchase the Auman GTL Super Edition, I heard that this car has a patented technology for changing 100,000 kilometers of oil. The friends around the card are guilty, but I always trust the Auman brand, product quality And after-sales service in the domestic product is absolutely equal.From last year to buy this car to the present, I have been running the plateau mountain road, in addition to brake pads, tire bolts accident, have not moved elsewhere, and I buy The brothers (other brands) of the car have now only traveled to more than 70,000 kilometers, because I have been out of the car because of their constant maintenance and repairs. I can earn more than other colleagues here and abroad!"

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