The scene is super burning! China's largest super-large paver RP1655 shines at all major speeds!

4.5 km!

Bottom layer + surface layer!

4 days delivery!

China's smartest

Very large paver RP1655

Perfect show turned to Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Once again, "Xugong speed" is displayed.

The maximum paving width is 16.5 meters (end telescopic 18.5 meters)

Maximum paving thickness 550 mm

Intelligent filling of domestic gaps

a series of hard verification forces

High-quality construction won the construction party frequently praise

Let's take a look at the RP1655's cool and cool look!

Asphalt construction highlights


Yunnan High Speed ​​Project

Paving width: 10-11.5 meters

(base layer, middle layer and upper layer)


Shijiazhuang National Highway

Paving width: 14.5 m

(bottom layer + surface layer)


Henan Zhumadian Xingye Avenue

Paving width: double machine and 30 meters

(asphalt surface layer)


Yongtaiwen Expressway (鳌江桥)

Paving width: 15.25 meters

(asphalt surface layer)


Zhounan Expressway

Paving width: 11.25 m

(asphalt bottom layer)

(3 sets of RP1655 help Henan Zhounan Expressway construction)


Xinjiang Municipal Government

Paving width: 12 meters

(asphalt bottom layer + surface layer)

Stabilized soil construction highlights


Beijing-Tibet Expressway

Paving width: 15.75 meters


Ningliang Expressway

Paving width: 12.5 meters


Jilin high-speed project

Paving width: 11.75 meters


Jilin high-speed project

Paving width: 11.75 meters


Inner Mongolia National Road Project

Paving width: 15.75 meters

When Chinese brands shine on the high-speed asphalt surface

It means that behind the development of the motherland

Chinese brand represented by Xugong

Is rising strongly with a stance

China Road, Xu Gongzhu

I believe that more and more world super projects in the future

Will be supported by Chinese brands and Chinese equipment.

Glory comes out!

(This article is from Xugong)

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