The principle of desorbing gold from gold-loaded charcoal

After the gold is adsorbed by the activated carbon, a reversible equilibrium state is established between the gold on the surface of the activated carbon and the gold in the cyanide solution. When CN is added to the system - or OH -, since these are more easily adsorbed anions charcoal, activated carbon adsorption and be of Au (CN) 2 - displaced, this time, the reversible equilibrium system is destroyed, and not toward the Conducive to the direction of adsorption of gold by activated carbon, gold will be continuously desorbed into the solution. Similarly, increasing the temperature of the system and increasing the pressure on the system can also destroy the equilibrium that has been established and move the process toward the desorption of gold from the activated carbon.
It can be considered that desorbing gold from the gold-loaded carbon substantially destroys the balance of the gold adsorbed by the activated carbon as much as possible, and the process proceeds toward the adsorption direction which is disadvantageous to gold.

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