The price of LED bulbs declined slightly in August.

According to the latest LED bulb retail price survey conducted by research institutions, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W worldwide in August this year (August 2014) showed a small decrease of about 1.8 to US$14.2. The global average price of replacing 60W LED bulbs dropped by 0.9 to reach US$19.1. Among them, the price drop in Japan is more obvious. The agency said that the average price of global LED bulbs declined slightly in August, and the overall trend was relatively stable. Most product prices remained stable or slightly lowered. In place of the 40W commodity segment, the price of the UK region fell by 4.7 in August. The original commodity price basically showed a steady downward trend, and some commodity prices were more obvious. For example, the Toshiba 7.7W bulb, the original price was about 23.6 US dollars, and the August price. Dropped to $12.5. In addition, the price of the German region fell by 2.6 in August, and most of the original commodity prices showed a stable or small downward trend. The exchange rate changes also caused the average price to fall. The average price of goods in Japan replacing 40W showed a slight increase of about 0.3. The price of some original commodities fluctuated slightly, and the price of new items was high. For example, Mitsubishi Electric's 6W bulb, luminous flux of 500LM, the price is about 17 US dollars. The average price of commodities in the United States showed a slight increase of 0.9 in August. The price of most of the original products remained basically stable, and some commodity prices were raised. For example, CREE6W bulbs rose from US$4.97 to US$8.97 in August. In place of the 60W commodity segment, the price of the Japanese region fell sharply by 8.5 in August, reaching $16.8. The price of some original commodities has been lowered significantly. For example, Mitsubishi Electric's 11.4W bulbs fell from 18.3 to about US$11.8 in August. In addition, exchange rate fluctuations also led to a fall in average prices. In the United States, the price of the region increased by 5.5, the price of the original commodity showed a fluctuating trend, and the price of some items increased significantly. For example, the Philips11W830LM bulb, the price of this month was raised from 7.6 to 13 US dollars. In August, the prices of China and Taiwan increased slightly by 0.7 and 0.1 respectively. The prices of the original commodities in the two regions remained stable, mainly due to exchange rate fluctuations.