·The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology determines the roadmap for the development of China's power battery industry

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a seminar on the development of power battery strategy and the inaugural meeting of the National Power Battery Innovation Center. It is known as the biggest resistance to the development of electric vehicles. How will the difficulty of power batteries be broken?

According to China Voice "Yangguang News" reported on June 30, the former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the head of the expert group of the National Manufacturing Innovation Center, Gan Yong, said that the establishment of the National Innovation Center for Power Batteries was actually based on such considerations. :

First of all, because there are many research units in China's power battery and the research resources are scattered, the opportunity of “Made in China 2025” is taken, so the innovation resources are integrated. The first national innovation center is a power battery-based innovation center, which mainly solves problems and concentrates on innovation capabilities, and concentrates on high-end R&D teams. It breaks through the core technology of power batteries because we have a gap with the international market, especially with Japan and South Korea. 30-40%, the cruising range is 30-40% lower.

Second, although the development of new energy vehicles for power batteries is very rapid, the passenger cars are not high in the family. The core problem is battery problems, and there are supporting facilities. The cruising range is not enough. I am worried that the charging will not stop if it is not opened.

Third, reliability, the gap between us and foreign countries, including the high cost of battery manufacturing, the battery system life is not enough, about 5-8 years, the battery does not need to be fully replaced, increase the cost, etc., there is still a problem, the Chinese battery industry is highly dispersed, There are less than 10 companies with a capacity of 1 million kilowatts of batteries, so the industry is scattered.

Then, what is the composition and role of the power battery national manufacturing innovation center? Huai Jinpeng, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that with the enterprise as the mainstay and the market as the guide, it is to use the National League as a key area to aggregate the major domestic automakers, such as FAW, Dongfeng and BAIC, and to aggregate universities and research units. Including materials, including personnel training, is based on the enterprise. In addition, although it is an innovation center, it is a non-profit unit, which is based on the competition of intellectual property and technology to pursue the industry's greatest common technology. For the goal. From the government's perspective, it is to encourage the effective entry of financial capital, the combination of industrial development and talent cultivation, industrial development and open cooperation.

In addition, from the development goals, according to Gan Yong, because in South Korea, especially LG and Samsung power battery than the energy has reached 200Wh / kg, we are about 40% lower than them, so our timetable 2018 system It reaches 200Wh/kg, the monomer reaches 280-300Wh/kg, and by 2020, the monomer reaches 350Wh/kg, and the system reaches 250Wh/kg or more, basically keeping pace with them.

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