The global smart lighting market will reach 24.341 billion US dollars by 2020

The data shows that in 2013, the global smart lighting market industry scale was about 5.757 billion US dollars, of which the scale of lamps and related accessories market was about 1.287 billion US dollars; in 2015, the global smart lighting market reached 7.83 billion US dollars, a very rapid growth. According to the current development momentum, it is estimated that it will reach 24.341 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. According to the lamp data, the global smart lighting market industry scale was about 5.757 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, of which the scale of lamps and related accessories was about 1.287 billion U.S. dollars; The lighting market reached 7.83 billion US dollars, and the growth rate is very fast. According to the current development momentum, it is expected to reach 24.341 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories is about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, and the compound annual growth rate is over 20%. The main reason for the smart lighting market is mainly from the following aspects: 1. The smart home industry is becoming more and more hot. The smart home technology has existed for decades. The main challenge facing the market so far is the consumer's related technology. Cognition is not high, and the dominant players in the market are still some of the higher-priced products for the affluent class. However, with the continuous popularization of AI technology, the price of smart home products will fall into an inevitable trend in the future, and more middle-class consumers will enter the market. At present, the intelligence of home is generally more than 100,000 yuan, and it is more difficult for the public to accept this price. For example, the price of smart home can drop to the level of 30,000-50,000, and the cost per square meter is 500-1000 yuan. This kind of smart home product is more realistic and can also have reliable and stable routine functions. In terms of lighting, the current advanced control system is easier to operate, and intelligent system management will replace the traditional peer-to-peer control mode, making it easier for users to experience the convenience and benefits of intelligent lighting. Moreover, the lighting system can be integrated with other IoT applications. The Internet of Things technology links various lighting devices and lamps with intelligent networks, thereby saving up to 80% of the electricity consumption. It is an ideal entry point for the industry to develop the smart home market. 2, cross-border cooperation, intelligent lighting technology to mature The traditional lighting supply chain system has been self-contained for a long time, and there are not too many intersections with other categories, and the development of today's Internet of Things, intelligent lighting systems urgently need and other smart devices Build a holistic system that works with other devices. To do smart lighting, lighting companies need to cooperate with companies such as chips, sensors, and cloud computing to hand over areas that are not good at others, and to create differentiated and distinctive products based on the choice of platforms. For IoT enterprises, smart lighting is an indispensable part of smart homes and smart cities. Many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Ali, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Tencent have entered the field of intelligent lighting and seized intelligence. The lighting industry is the best testimony. Philips Lighting and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement to ensure the seamless connection between Philips Hue home intelligent lighting system and Huawei Ocean Connect IoT platform. As early as 2015, Xiaomi has signed a joint statement with many lighting companies to announce the common Promote the development of the intelligent lighting industry; in addition, in recent years, Haier, ZTE, Jingdong, Baidu, Ali, Meizu and other giants in various fields have begun to flood into the smart lighting market. 3, the majority of LED lighting dealers began to pay attention to intelligent lighting The term intelligent lighting has been hot in the LED lighting industry for many years. However, in the past few years, smart lighting has been a lot of thunder and heavy rain, mainly reflected in: the domestic intelligent lighting industry has not yet formed a certain scale, the market acceptance is low, and the intelligent lighting technology is not mature. By 2017, this situation has changed a lot. Intelligent lighting is no longer inconspicuous, and the intelligent lighting standing at the vent is even more infinite. It is understood that in 2017, including Sanxiong Aurora, NVC Group, Feile Audio, Haier Butler, Op Lighting, Philips Lighting, Lidaxin, Shengdi Optoelectronics, Hongyan Electric, Shenzhen Dark Energy and other enterprises have accelerated the layout of intelligence (home Lighting has set off a wave of intelligence that has swept the entire lighting industry. Shenzhen dark energy dual-tone light drive power can be applied to downlights / bulbs / ceiling lamps and other products, no stroboscopic, making the user's light source design more simple and convenient. Meet the most basic intelligent elements of lighting under the premise of low cost and high cost performance: wireless control, brightness adjustment, color temperature, you can easily get 80% of the lighting scene. Adjustable two-color temperature lamps are very attractive to the market, and it is very likely that the future will replace the monochromatic warm lights on the market, which will be a big step for smart lighting.

This series of grinders are used to grind the outer ribs of single or double-row cylindrical roller bearings.

1.Adopting double-point diamond pen for dressing of the wheel automatically. The section of wheel is a shape of herringbone and double ribs and quadruple ribs can be fit in the fixture at same time and grinding separately. Using two conic faces of the herringbone wheel, it can grind the two ribs in the front and back of the raceway separately. In order to avoid burn of grinding face, a small reciprocating grinding for workpiece can be used simultaneously.

2.AC servo motor drive is used for the carriages of the workpiece and grinding support. With the support of cross roller rail, a micro-oscillation can be achieved during the grinding.

3.Adopting SIEMENS, FANUC^ MITSUBISHI all-digital AC servo control system.

4. grinder  is convenient to operate and adjust.

5.Adopting a high-precision shaft with sleeve for workpiece shaft, the motor of workpiece adopts AC frequency variable motor, frequency variable speed.

6.High rigidity steel is used for the spindles of full-automatic grinder. And a high rigidity, high-precision and high-speed belt shaft is used for the semi-automatic grinder, with the frequency variable speed, grinding at the high-speed of 60m/s.

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