The commercial vehicle is not yet monopolized and the core technology constraints are even more frightening

During the equinox, a typhoon named "Phoenix" blew over Taiwan Island and landed in Zhejiang Province. However, in the automotive industry, a storm called "anti-monopoly" continued to blow, blew the manufacturers fears, blew the media to explore. However, as the economic barometer of the commercial vehicle market, it seems calm, but is it true?

The commercial vehicle is not monopolized now.

The monopoly of commercial vehicles

At present, the National Development and Reform Commission examines whether the monopoly of the auto industry should be examined in the following aspects: First, whether or not the products used by the tying users do not need or are unwilling to purchase when selling; whether the zero-to- whole ratio is 3 The third is whether there is a big gap between the price of foreign-invested automotive products in China's market and the price of the market in which the company is located. Of course, such factors as tariff and logistics should be taken into consideration. Fourth, there should be no negotiation of inter-bank price negotiations. The premise of the two aspects after the inspection is that the subjects to be investigated must have a certain degree of market dominance, whether it is a single enterprise or a corporate alliance.

Judging from the current situation of the commercial vehicle market, commercial vehicle manufacturers have a certain gap in actual sales, but the top-ranking companies have not yet formed a monopoly, which is mainly due to the attributes of the production data of commercial vehicles. The main consideration of consumers in the selection is price/performance ratio, which determines that this market cannot have a “high price point” monopoly form; from the current actual product situation, the quality of products of each company has its own advantages. I often Examples of "partial divisions" have "language" is good, "math" is good, and "English" alone is not good, so it is impossible to form a strong product quality advantage, not to mention the product quality advantage can not be formed. The market monopoly pattern is even more unable to form a price monopoly.

Navistar Maasfu Engine
Navistar Maasfu Engine

While foreign-invested commercial vehicle companies have relatively small sales in China, even though they have stronger technical advantages than self-owned (joint-venture) companies, they cannot form so-called price monopolies based on industry characteristics. Therefore, foreign-invested commercial vehicle companies do not have a monopoly market. The strength and status.

Parts technology restrictions are more dangerous

Given that the National Development and Reform Commission referred to in the previous article has the standard and definition of anti-monopoly investigation, and the more intuitive price monopoly than the passenger car market, although there is no trend of price monopoly, the commercial vehicle market is embodied in a deeper level of zero. The technical limitations of components are even more profound and fatal. This is by no means alarmist.

On April 23, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement that the “Announcement” applicable to the national third-phase automobile emission standard (hereinafter referred to as Guosan) diesel vehicle product will be abolished on December 31, 2014, and will start from January 1, 2015. Three diesel car products will not be sold.

High pressure common rail engine

State IV is about to be implemented. However, according to actual technological conditions, there are certain technological advantages in foreign-funded parts supply companies such as Delphi, Bosch , and Cummins in terms of high-pressure common rails and post-processing electronic units . Some people worry that after the implementation of State IV, , Its auto parts supply price in China has the initiative to negotiate the right price, the price and supply of hidden concerns, once the industry joked, " National IV implementation , depends on the supply of high pressure common rail", joke, shudder, shudder .

Common rails and injectors
Common rails and injectors

Practitioners who hold this view may see Delphi, Bosch, and Cummins leading the technology, but they don't know how long the R&D process is. This is the difference between the rainy day and Linyuan squid. However, Linyuan’s squid is not as good as retiring and networking, and the way to solve the problem is simple, even if I do not specify here to believe that everyone also knows. However, knowledge is difficult, this is not a matter for employees and the media to shout slogans. What is needed is a combination of knowledge and action, and truly hands-on, because it is related to the speed with which our country’s industrial development progresses, and the proportion of high-end technology’s localization rate. However, for such products and technologies involving heavy industry, it is also an important factor related to the industrialization process of our country and the country's overall strength. The situation cannot be overstated.