Subsidy of the New Deal is on the verge of violence

On June 13, 2018, the new policy of the new energy subsidy was finally brought to a close. The intention of the New Deal is clear. Based on the cruising range and battery density, the new energy vehicles on the market will be "proportionately subsidized."

In short, long-range, high-energy-density batteries (greater than 120Wh/k) will receive high subsidies, and vice versa, they will even decrease to zero.

The specific regulations are as follows: Vehicles less than 150 km in length will no longer be subsidized; subsidies for 150-300 km models for pure electric vehicles will be reduced by approximately 20%-50% respectively; subsidies for vehicles with cruising range of 300-400 km and over 400 km will be provided separately. Increased 2% to 14%.

At the moment, 150-200 km of vehicles between the 0 subsidy and the substantial downward adjustment of subsidy are facing huge downward pressure on subsidies.

According to relevant reports from the domestic media, Beiqi New Energy EC180 and EC200 with cruising range of 156-162km were once the “sales figures” of BAIC New Energy series, but they were no longer sold in Beijing before the launch of the New Deal. Manufacturers rejected the "discontinued" rumors, saying that they will launch higher cruising range models.


What is the status of other short-term models? Are they also in this "wonderful" situation? Headline Jun made further investigations on models with partial life of less than 200km.

Also affiliated to BAIC New Energy, the LITE model of its brand ARCFOX was officially launched in September 2017. The cute and lovely image appeared to attract a lot of attention. Although it was a face value, the endurance was somewhat “shabby,” only 150km.


In addition to low battery life, it is difficult for the price to win the consumer market for LITE. According to official sources, its current quotation is 15.28-16.28 million yuan, and it is still around 100,000 yuan after subsidies.

And in the fuel car market, 100,000 yuan can buy the same level of cost-effective models. Therefore, the excessively high selling price does not occupy the price advantage in the mini vehicle market.

Right now, the subsidy New Deal has been implemented. In order to cope with the subsidy withdrawal, LITE will significantly increase the cruising range of the current models by 80%, which means that the cruising range can reach nearly 270km.

Headline Jun learned from the dealer that LITE currently has no old stock, and it is not until the new arrival in September that the car can be picked up, and the new car is also the LITE model after the battery life is improved.

In addition to LITE, there is the Chidou D2 in the "Fat" model of cruising range. At present, there are 2017 models and 2018 model models for the known bean D2. The price of the 2017 model is still based on the previous subsidy standard, and the 2018 models are executed according to the New Deal.


Take the example of enjoying the bean D2 enjoy version, after the 2017 subsidy was 46,800 yuan, and after the 2018 subsidy was 49,800 yuan, the price difference is not a lot.

The relevant dealers told headlines that "In addition to the 160km-180km battery life of Known Bean D2 of the 2018 model, there are also 220km-280km battery life. Among them, the guide price of 280km battery life is 69,800,000 yuan, according to the latest policy subsidies, plus There are special promotions in these two days, and the final price is 65,800 yuan."

In the mini-vehicle market, the price of nearly 70,000 yuan is somewhat artificial, and in order to occupy the consumer market, dealers are also promoting sales to earn money. Although there is no clear statement that the above models will be delisted, it is obviously driven by high-end models.

Compared to the two new energy vehicles mentioned above, the Zotye E200 with a cruising range below 200km is slightly awkward. Although the value and interior configuration of the beans were significantly higher than that of the known bean D2, the price was much higher, and after the subsidy, it was still sold at 6.40-7.43 million yuan.


According to a Beijing dealer, the few Zotye E200s currently in the store are pre-emptively subsidized before the implementation of the New Deal, and they can be sold for 64,000 yuan.

If calculated in accordance with the New Deal subsidies, the subsequent models will not receive a penny subsidy. For consumers, either buy the car at the original price (nearly 200,000) or buy a car.

"When no one buys a car, the manufacturer no longer sells the car," the dealer told the headline.

After investigating the above several new energy vehicles with cruising range under 200km, the headline Jun found that the development trend of these models is really not optimistic.

With the gradual deepening of electric power and the improvement of technology level, the electric vehicle market has gradually ushered in the era of high battery life of 300-400 kilometers. However, the low-end vehicles themselves do not have the advantages in terms of performance. The forces that are struggling in the market almost all rely on it. The price advantage brought by policy subsidies.

According to the data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, during the transition period before the launch of the New Deal, that is, from January to May, the production and sales of new energy vehicles all completed 328,000 vehicles, an increase of 122.9% and 141.6% year-on-year respectively. In May, the sales volume was 102,000 units in a single month, an increase of 125.6% year-on-year.


Now faced with the back pressure, these low-end models are obviously hard to contribute more sales. Manufacturers generally take measures to stop selling, lower selling prices, or upgrade the current configuration of existing models.

Of course, if Xiao Cheng is defeated by Xiao, he will. The new energy vehicles that once used policy as a moment of time are also under the pressure of the policy to increase their product strength and upgrade their technology. This is the inevitable painful period for the new energy market. After the painful period, will these models “change their face” and return to the new energy market with higher mileage?

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