Study on double reverse flotation process and foam behavior regulation of phosphate rock

Herein containing magnesium impurity region for Yichang gum phosphorus ore, iron, aluminum high problem, anti-double float process to obtain a satisfactory metallurgical performance. Laboratory results showed that: For P_2O_5 27.27%, MgO 2.25%, Fe_2O_3 1.87%, Al_2O_3 3.11% of the ore, the double reverse float flotation, concentrate P_2O_5 overall grade of 32.87%, significantly lower impurity content: MgO 0.93%, Fe_2O_3 1.17%, Al_2O_3 1.45%, described cationic collector GE-609 has good selectivity and collector. In addition, GE-609 has the advantage of low temperature resistance, can realize flotation at normal temperature, saves a lot of heating costs, and the cost of producing one ton of phosphate concentrate is only 34.74 yuan, which is economically feasible. The optimum grinding fineness determined in this paper is 75.00%, 0.074mm. The optimum dosage of collector, conditioner, defoamer and inhibitor is determined by single factor test and orthogonal test. Industrial tests showed that cationic GE-609 collector can be floated in Yichang area collophane and Fe_2O_3 of Al_2O_3; trans double float process capable of producing high quality phosphate concentrate suitable for the preparation of DAP. Because when the pulp mud for a long time, more foam, sticky foam flotation effect of variation of a cationic reverse flotation occurs, resulting in industrial applications cationic collector is constrained. This study by adding an antifoaming agent in the flotation pulp, of the three-phase boundary behavior flotation regulation in order to solve the active cationic collector used in the existing problems. Three defoamer were selected: an organic defoamers fatty alcohols, and inorganic sludge flocculant foam control agent PA CA, test results show that the inorganic foam control agent CA best antifoaming effect, and easy to use, wide source, cheap price. The mechanism study shows that after adding defoamer CA, γ_(LG) decreases, W_(SL) rainbow decreases, and the binding force of solid-liquid interface decreases, and the solid-liquid contact needs to be opened. The minimum work is also reduced, which reduces the concentration of the collector on the foam film, making the foam thinner, brittle, and easier to defoam; the Zeta potential test shows that the negative value of the ξ-potential of the quartz surface is reduced after adding CA, zero electricity A slight drift occurred at the point, and the increase of the zeta potential of the quartz compressed the electric double layer; the infrared spectroscopy showed that the addition of the defoaming agent did not affect the performance of the collector and did not affect the flotation index.

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