Smart shirt with NFC chip to keep you in touch with information

According to foreign media "CXO Today" website reported on March 14, smart wearable devices are marching into the enterprise market, Indian textile manufacturer 阿德德 in the Wrigley smart shirt left cuff attached to a short-range wireless communications Technology NFC chip tag.

Avery company first through a variety of permits and franchises in India for Wrigley shirt brand agent. Later, the company considered the wearable device is expected to be a boost to sales of shirts, so NFC tags attached to the shirt. Users simply install the Wrigley Smart Shirt app on their Android smartphone, and then use the phone to slide on the left cuff to configure the app. After configuration, other users can read the user's business card, LinkedIn account and Facebook home page at the cuffs. The user himself can also use the shirt to configure the music playlist.

The company said the new technology has increased the speed of information sharing at conferences or events. NFC technology is widely used in India and around the world and is compatible with Android smartphones. Before launching the final product, R & D personnel conducted various tests to ensure that the shirt was easy to use while being comfortable to wear and hand-held or machine washable. The shirt label uses a chip made by NXP Semiconductors and sews a small reflective label on the shirt's cuff to mark the position of the chip on the shirt.

Analysts believe that the current wearable devices on the market mainly by the Apple Watch and some sports brands Health watch dominated, but the potential for the development of wearable devices do not. Once a sensor is embedded in a smart garment, it can be connected to a smartphone and communicate information, making such manufacturers the biggest winners. In fact, the idea of ​​smart clothing is not new, 1966 MIT scientist Steve Mann once wrote, "From the perception of the outside world to provide stimuli, clothing can enhance people's ability without feeling .Although not yet Become mainstream, but as people's efforts, there will be such a future one day. "

The Hannover Electronics Fair in Germany, opened in late March, also implies that smart shirts have the potential to broaden the market. For example, some sportswear can be implanted sensors shirt, shorts, sports bras and socks, used to monitor muscle activity, respiratory rate and heart rate. A recent report from market research predicts that by 2020 consumers will purchase 10 million smart apparel per year, and the future of wearable technology is worth the wait.

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