Sixth Symposium on Selection and Application of Flow Meters

[China Meter Network Conference Report] In order to make the relevant units of the national water industry understand the status quo and development trends of water flow meters at home and abroad, to grasp the selection and application of new products and technologies for water flow meters, and to exchange the operational management experience of water flow meters, Improve the economic and social benefits of water supply and drainage companies. On September 16th, 2014, the “6th Conference on the Selection and Application of Flow Meters for the Water Industry Industry” held by the China Water Association was held in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province. Nearly 600 people from more than 150 companies across the country attended the meeting. It is the largest and most contented one since it was held. The theme of the conference was “The application of intelligent water flow metering under the new situation”. The meeting discussed in detail the issues such as the overall solution of the ladder water price and the application of interconnection and interchange technology.

It is understood that the conference is held once every two years and has become one of the best exchange platforms in the water meter industry, including the participation of several listed companies including Sanchuan, Xintian, and Jicheng. The conference focused on the topic of developing smart water services, accelerating the application of intelligent water flow meters, on-line detection and value verification of water flow meters, selection and application management of water meters, status and development of water flow meters, and intelligence Water meter and meter reading system and water meter verification cycle in five aspects, by the water meter industry experts conducted special lectures and speeches. The meeting invited Li Zhendong, honorary chairman of the China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Wang Jialin, deputy mayor of Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, and Wang Chi, a Chinese metrology institute, to give the announcement.

The members of the Intelligent Water Measurement Industry Alliance of Jiangxi Province (abbreviation: Smart Water Alliance) participated in the meeting. Mr. Guo Yonglin, Director of the Alliance Technical Committee, gave a keynote speech titled "Dedicated to the Advancement of Technical Standards and Promoting the Healthy Development of the Industry." Director Guo first briefed the participants on the original intention, development history, organizational structure, and future goals of the intelligent water federation. At the same time, the technical standards for registrants that have been completed at this stage of the Smart Water Alliance are submitted for review.

With regard to the technical barriers faced by current manufacturers of water supply companies, and in particular the fact that the manufacturers' protocols are not uniform in the field of remote communications, the Smart Water Alliance put forward the concept of “connectivity, openness, and unification” to create an open water company. The platform realizes interchange of tableware among manufacturers. At the same time, point-to-point readings between the concentrators and water meters among the various manufacturers were demonstrated at the conference site. The Alliance Council has reached a consensus that we must strengthen the work in this area and create a model effect that truly solves the worries of users of the Water Division using the smart remote water meter.

Sanchuan Co., Ltd., as the main organizer of the conference, actively changed from mechanical processing to intelligent information, and launched the IoT water meter products. It is understood that this Internet of Things water meter is the first case in China to adopt the mobile wireless module and the Internet of things to switch products, integrates major mainstream functions, the core includes six levels of water price, mobile Internet of things, remote control, prepayment, BS architecture, etc. . For example, the ladder can be set up to six steps, which can be set from the time of water use and the level of water consumption. The table can be fully realized remote control, from the Internet of things water meter through the cloud, without any intermediate links, which means that you can completely save the "Water meter." The whole set of IoT system adopts the BS architecture, which is an improvement to the C/S structure. The user's working interface can be realized through the www browser, simplifying the development, maintenance, and use of the system.

At the meeting, new products and technologies such as small-diameter ultrasonic water meters, small-diameter electromagnetic water meters, wireless water meters, and valve-controlled wireless water meters of Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd. attracted many customers' attention. Mr. Yao Ling, Dean of Zhejiang Water Metering Research Institute and Technical Director of Ningbo Water Metering Co., Ltd., as a technical expert, gave a technical lecture on “Smart Water Meter and Automatic Meter Reading System” at the meeting, and made current status and technological development trend of smart water meter products. The analysis and description of the system, and the introduction of technologies such as the Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks, which are closely related to the automatic meter reading system, accurately captured the development of the water meter industry. Mr. Chen Xiang, General Manager of Ningbo Domestic Water Meter Co., Ltd., represented Zhao Shaoman, chief engineer of Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd., and conducted a technical exchange on the selection and management of DN40/DN50 water meters, the watershed for small and large caliber water meters, and discussed the appropriate selection based on water consumption. The water meter, the management method for establishing the water meter life management model, has also been unanimously approved by the majority of technical experts and representatives of the Water Division.