SINOMACH GYS22/26/30 single drum vibratory roller glory push!

In 2017, the product lineage of Luoyang Road Roller of SINOMACH was improved. The fourth generation of the latest GYS22/26/30 (22 tons, 26 tons and 30 tons) series road rollers was created by the users. The reasons for the analysis are as follows. :

1. SINOMACH Luoyang GYS22/26/30 series road roller is a masterpiece created in 2017. Whether it is from technology research and development, product technology or painting, assembly and other production links, it is based on high standards and strict requirements. Grasp the implementation, build the master craftsmanship of the times with the spirit of the great craftsmen, and win the battle of construction machinery market with quality!

Second, "SINOMACS Luoyang GYS22/26/30 series road roller" relies on seven core selling points, so that you can conquer the sea and the lake!

SINOMACH GYS22/26/30 single drum vibratory roller glory push!

The first big selling point: This series of road rollers adopts national III and four-valve + high-pressure technical power + special configuration; the design of the vibration system adopts the electro-hydraulic combined control system composed of the plunger pump motor, which realizes the rapid stop vibration. The machine quickly avoids the resonance zone; the new articulated frame design improves the connection strength of the front and rear frames, makes the roller drive more stable and improves the driver's comfort; the advanced noise reduction technology and device reduce the noise by 10%.

The second biggest selling point: technology upgrade, inheritance. The vibrating wheel design technology has been upgraded in an all-round way, with great excitation force and strong penetrating power. It has been tested by Changan University National Laboratory: the compaction degree is increased by 10% and the influence depth is increased by 60% compared with similar products.

The third biggest selling point: exclusive patent, energy efficient. Throttle clutch linkage patented technology, easy to operate, combined with smooth, fuel saving 16%.

SINOMACH GYS22/26/30 single drum vibratory roller glory push!

The fourth biggest selling point: safety brake, triple guarantee. Driving three-clamp brake (patented technology), unique in the industry, with parking brake (patented technology) and emergency braking.

The fifth biggest selling point: maintenance, people-oriented. The centralized lubrication system is configured to greatly reduce the maintenance labor intensity of the operator. Equipped with a high-pressure tire inflator for on-site inflation of the tire.

The sixth biggest selling point: ergonomics, control freely. The self-developed gear selector with patented technology is flexible in operation and matched with self-locking function to prevent misoperation.

The seventh biggest selling point: patented technology, extreme working conditions. The patented independent cooling air duct design, removable and washable filter net, extended radiator maintenance cycle, can adapt to the extremely harsh working conditions of plateau, desert and other construction work.

SINOMACH GYS22/26/30 series road roller, as a fine model of the national machine heavy industry Luoyang 2017 glory, will create a new meaning and posture of the "ingenuity and craftsmanship" design, and once again set up a large tonnage roller The value model, in the fiercely competitive market segment, further consolidates its influence and competitiveness! Nowadays, SINOMACH GYS22/26/30 series road roller is in a pragmatic posture, deep strength and unique style of a big country, in the ever-changing Chinese construction machinery market, opening up the territory, laughing Heroes! (This article is from Guoji Heavy Industry Luoyang Company)

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