Shaanxi New Huanggong Launches HD320S Mine Transfer Machine

In early 2008, a new product developed and designed by New Huanggong Company, two HD320S mining transfer machines, was delivered to a coal-fired power company in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier League.
It is reported that the HD320S mining transfer machine successfully developed in March 2007 is a kind of special mining equipment developed by reference to foreign advanced technology and combined with domestic actual working conditions, which is mainly used for the movement of the belt conveyor in open-pit coal mines. . This new product is based on the yellow crawler-type product, with additional tape transfer work device, using the internationally renowned American Cummins engine, the emission all meet the Euro II emission standard, and the lifting weight is 10t. The HD320S mine transfer machine is moved by the transfer head to clamp the rail of the belt conveyor, and then the rail of the belt conveyor is lifted to a certain height by the lifting cylinder, and the end of the belt conveyor is dragged by the traction force of the main machine to move it. One step. The transfer machine performs the transfer work by moving the step and moving back and forth in the direction of the belt conveyor. It has high efficiency of moving and laying, and the working efficiency is more than 30% higher than the original equipment, and the cost is reduced by about 25%. The operation is convenient and flexible, and the belt conveyor can be accurately moved to a new working position. The movement can be a translation or a fan movement. After using the HD320S transfer machine, the company's equipment supervisor expressed considerable satisfaction with the overall performance and working efficiency of the transfer machine. I hope that the product and technology will continue to strengthen cooperation in the future.

The successful development of this new product not only makes the new Huanggong company's product spectrum more perfect, but also laid the foundation for the new Huanggong company's 2008 market sales.

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