Sensors need to meet the four needs

The continuous development of the Internet of Things has driven the expansion of the sensor market. With the increase of users, the use of sensors has gradually increased. In the future, sensors will need to satisfy four major needs across the globe.

Due to the continuous development of applications for the Internet of Things and other connected devices, analysts predict that trillions of sensors will soon be used worldwide. However, according to the Lux Research Institute report, before this prediction becomes a reality, component manufacturers have to meet many needs.

According to a report by lucus researcher Tiffany Huang, the four major requirements surrounding the multiple applications of sensors are still not resolved. The four major requirements are: power consumption, form factor, sensitivity, and cost.

Satisfying these needs not only means the improvement of current sensor applications, but also means the emergence of new applications, including sound source positioning, accurate motion tracking, and portable allergen detection.

According to reports, these requirements are particularly critical for the proliferation of sensors for several reasons.

For example, the power consumption increases the cost of using the device and determines how long it takes to replace or charge the battery. These two factors plague consumers at all times. Better control of power consumption will bring more possibilities for applications and make sensors and devices easier to use.

According to reports, form factor is also an important area of ​​innovation for broadening the deployment of sensors. Huang said that because sensors have become increasingly complex in function, they may also be large in appearance and not suitable for the desired application. This is also the reason why the development of sensor use requires the invention of a form factor suitable for the application.

To meet these needs, engineers must make critical innovations in new technologies and new applications. According to Huang, major innovations that meet these needs include low-power peripherals, energy harvesting, sensor packaging, and new sensor types.

Among these technologies, only the non-sensor part of the low-power peripheral devices can be produced at the factory, and thus it is the most readily available and the easiest to implement.

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