Roots vacuum pump operation method and gap adjustment method

The characteristics of Roots vacuum pump unit are:

1. There is a certain gap between the rotor and the pump cavity, and there is no contact between the rotor and the rotor, and no oil lubrication is required.

2. The rotor has good geometric symmetry, which can increase the speed, so that a large pump with a compact structure can be manufactured.

3. When the pump is working, the vibration is small, the volume is large, and the volume utilization coefficient is about 0, 5.

4. There is no compression phenomenon in the pump cavity like a mechanical vacuum pump, so it does not need an exhaust valve. Because of this, condensable steam can be removed.

5. Quick start, can reach the ultimate vacuum in a short time. Low power and low maintenance cost.

6. The Roots vacuum pump unit has a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range (1000Pa ~ 1Pa), which can quickly discharge the suddenly released gas, which makes up for the pumping speed of both the diffusion pump and the oil sealed mechanical pump (1000Pa-1Pa). Minor flaws. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a booster pump.

Roots vacuum pump operation method:

1. Low wind pressure and high current: This situation occurs more often. The main reason is that the dust on the inlet filter of the roots vacuum pump is not cleaned in time. Carefully clear the filter and the problem is solved. This requires that we always clean the filter screen in production to ensure that the inlet of the Roots vacuum pump is not only conducive to the operation of the equipment, but also does not affect the calcination.

2. Impact between the roots vacuum pump impeller and the impeller: the gear teeth are displaced; the elimination method is to adjust the clearance and tighten. Over-rated pressure operation; the elimination method is to check after checking the cause of over-pressure. Tooth surface wear causes backlash to increase, leading to changes in the clearance between the impellers; the elimination method is to adjust the clearance.

3. Roots vacuum pump casing vibration:

â‘  The maintenance work is not done well during use. â‘¡ Roots drum vacuum pump has been used for too long. When disassembling the machine, measure the dimensions of the machine.

Roots vacuum pump gap adjustment method:

Once there is a gap in the internal parts of the Roots vacuum pump, not only will the parts become loose, but also debris deposition and blockage will occur, which will cause the equipment to reduce its operating efficiency and increase its loss rate. Therefore, when there is a gap in the equipment, it must be adjusted in time to maintain the equipment in a good installation state.

1.Adjustment of radial clearance of Roots vacuum pump

It is inconvenient to measure the radial clearance directly, but you can listen to the friction between the rotor and the housing after running for a certain time at the rated speed or higher speed. When adjusting, you can loosen the connection screws at the ends of the cover and pull out the pins. Use the end cap to adjust. After the adjustment, hinge the end cap and the positioning pin holes of the pump casing, re-position the positioning pins, and of course tighten all the screws first.

2.Adjustment of meshing clearance between rotor profiles of roots vacuum pump

Adjusting the meshing gap of the rotor is essentially adjusting the synchronous gear, that is, pulling out the tapered pin on the gear of the driven gear, and then loosening the screws in the waist slot, slowly turning the driven rotor, turning side by side Measure the gap between the two rotors until the adjustment meets the requirements, then tighten the screws in the waist-shaped holes, re-hinge the pin holes, and install the positioning pins.

3.Adjustment of axial clearance of roots vacuum pump

The axial clearance is the clearance between the rotor end face and the left and right end covers. The gap can be adjusted by the thickness of the grinding adjustment pad and the thickness of the end sealing paper pad.

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