Reuse of home decorating film waste

Under normal circumstances, in the process of sticking home decorating films, it is inevitable that there will be some corner scraps left. It would be a pity to throw them away, so you want to stay and do something else yourself, but you don’t know what you can do with it. . Next, the Xiaobian of Guangzhou Yuanyi Color Film Co., Ltd. will teach some wonderful ideas: packaging gifts, vases, placemats for new clothes, lampshades, and a green feast of bookskins....It's easy to do, and its effect is outstanding. Well, now it starts. Let's let the sleeping film in the storage room reproduce the brilliance.

Packaged gifts, simple and generous decent - filled with festive red, colorful flowers, both adults and children, could not help but live at the first sight of exquisite gifts, fell in love with this colorful world. The large-scale single-color or patterned self-adhesive color film, both innovative and highly decorative, is a great choice for packaging gifts. It is recommended to fold the colorful film before use, and care must be taken during the paste process.

New year's new clothes for vases and place mats have arrived - Do not forget the small furnishings of the room when decorating the costume film. You can use the trim of the colorful film to cut some colorful patterns to put new clothes on the vase, and you can also create five colors. Placemats. It is worth mentioning that the production of these decorations should pay attention to the selection of waterproof and mildew resistant PVC color film, you can also make the placemat colorful film plastic packaging, can be used for a long time and easy to clean.

Lampshades, book cover green feast - single you left your parents, hoping to express yourself in the simplest lines and the most attractive colors. To put a light green coat on a small table lamp, a dark green on a bag decorated with leaves of the same color, and a cherished book that also wears a pink dress on a green background. Without a lot of words, only a little coloring technique is needed to interpret the perfection. Simple. Decorate your single world in a quick and easy way.

Color Bar Kettle Romantic Garden - A colorful film decorated with natural leaf-shaped patterns can not only make the kettle stylish and romantic, but also make the overall space soft and quiet. The pastoral style often uses small flowers and light green to interpret. In fact, as long as it is pale, such as yellow, beige, etc., plus a little flower or fruit can achieve the same effect.

Such a simple and easy-to-understand paint film scrap can make use of wonderful ideas again. If you do it yourself, you can dazzling, why not?

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