Research on the problems existing in the application of magnetic separator

Analysis of problems in the application of mining magnetic separator:

(1) China's iron- poor ore (accounting for 97.5% of total reserves) and raw ore (accounting for 1/3 of total reserves), the hardness of ore is relatively large, and the drum magnetic separator tube skin is often subjected to 0-15 or less. The influence of iron ore 15 is severely worn and often wears the phenomenon of leather magnetic roller tubes. Once the barrel rolling mill leaks, entering the drum, the magnetic system between the skin and the magnetic system embraces, or the mud lead pipe surface is adsorbed to the bearing in the bearing, causing the bearing to be damaged throughout the entire process of causing the pulp.

(2) magnetic separator used strontium ferrite permanent magnetic field lines and neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnets. The NdFeB permanent magnet has poor chemical stability, and the moist air in the drum is prone to surface oxidation and gradual delamination. Good chemical barium ferrite, bismuth and bonding are generally fixed in the magnetic field magnetic system, and there is also a phenomenon that the magnetic block is easy to fall off and the epoxy resin ferrite is stable. Therefore, whether it is a barium ferrite permanent magnet NdFeB permanent magnet, or there is a need for fixation.

The corresponding solution:

(1) Corrosion protection of the magnetic separator machine. In addition, the magnetic separator cylinder protection layer is a permanent magnet type steel magnetic separator cylinder, which is the most effective method for extending the skin of the tube. It is wear-resistant and easy to replace. Wear-resistant rubber coating, stainless steel plate, PU coating, PVC coating layer control experiment. By comparing the test results with PVC pipe wrapped leather coating, bonding PVC coated can significantly improve the life of the tube skin.

(2) The magnetic system is fixed. Magnetic system epoxy on the glass ribbon, iron packaging tape, stainless steel plate as a whole for packaging test inspection.

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