PTFE Fusing Belt/Fusing Machine Belt/Press Belt

Model NO.: 3890
Material Feature: Heat Resistant
Usage: Transmission Chain, Transportation Chain, Dedica
Chain Size: 1/2" *3/32"
Series: Stepless
Color: Solid Color
Trademark: chinayoungsun
Specification: 1360mm-7200mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 70195900
Seamless or Jointless fiberglass or Kevlar coated with fine PTFE.
Provide excellent release Teflon ® PTFE Jointless or Seamless coated fabrics, dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength operating temperature range (from -73° C to +260° C), and offer excellent abrasion resistance and excellent resist medicament property resist antistatic applied It is impervious to virtually all-chemical attack. Seamless or Jointless belt which is laminating machine standard equipment velvet or treating material promise long-life.
Main Specification:

Standard thickness fabric 14.0~16.0 /mil 0.35~0.40 (mm)

Width 20~2000mm

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