Principle of SIP server

The SIP server is the main component of the IP PBX and is responsible for establishing all SIP dian calls in the network. The SIP server is also called a SIP proxy server or a registration server.
Normally, the SIP server does not participate in the media processing process. In SIP networks, media generally always adopts end-to-end negotiation processing. In some special cases or business processes, such as Music On Hold, the SIP server will also actively participate in media negotiation.
A simple SIP server is only responsible for session establishment, maintenance, and cleanup, but with multiple interfering calls. The relatively complex SIP server, also known as SIP PBX, not only provides support for basic calls and basic sessions, but also provides rich services such as Presence, Find-me, Music On Hold, and so on.
Most SIP servers are based on the Linux platform, and the typical representatives are: Kamailio, OpenSER, sipXecx, etc.
There are also some SIP servers based on the Windows platform, typically represented by: miniSipServer, Brekeke, etc.

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