Only 5 minutes! They personally experienced the convenience of Cummins remote calibration upgrade

Recently, as the first batch of Cummins Sixth engine users, several driver representatives of Shenzhen Linpeng Communication Team personally experienced the convenience of completing the remote calibration upgrade in 5 minutes. Shenzhen is one of the first cities to implement the regulations and policies of diesel vehicles. It is in the forefront of the implementation of laws and regulations. It is also the city with the largest number of Cummins 6 engines in the terminal, and the Dongfeng participated in the remote calibration upgrade. Tianlong vehicles, all match Cummins B6.2 six engines.
Shenzhen Linpeng Communication Team

The Cummins engine remote calibration upgrade function is a method of upgrading the engine control module (ECM) by means of network remote transmission means, with the engine intelligent terminal and cloud platform interconnection mode, which can greatly save users compared with the traditional service station upgrade mode. Time, the driver only needs to wait for 5 minutes to achieve remote upgrade of the engine system, continuously optimize and improve engine performance, improve vehicle attendance, reduce costs, and be safe and reliable.

Cummins engine users

In the process of communicating with the driver, it is known that sometimes they may not act immediately even if they see the calibration upgrade prompt. On the one hand, they worry that the upgrade interruption affects the operation of the vehicle, and on the other hand, they worry that the downtime will affect the operation efficiency for too long.

Engineer explains the principle

After explaining the principle for everyone, the engineer sits in the cab with the driver on the spot, and demonstrates the operation and the whole process of calibration and upgrade in one go.

Start the vehicle, the screen on the bridge has a prompt tone screen, and the message “The engine software is waiting to be updated. It takes five minutes to park. Is it updated now?”

Select Agree, the screen prompts again to confirm that the vehicle is parked in a safe environment, pull up the handbrake, keep the key on, etc.

After clicking Confirm, the screen displays “Installation, please keep the key switch open and the vehicle does not start”.

In less than 5 minutes, the upgrade is complete, prompting to restart the engine, the new engine software starts running!

Engineer and driver cab experience

As one of Cummins' six core technologies, Remote Service 2.0 covers digital innovation capabilities such as intelligent diagnosis and remote calibration. Through car networking and big data analysis capabilities, Cummins can provide proactive services to customers, prompting customers to maintain and reduce according to the power status. Customer risk.

On the other hand, when customers need services, Cummins can analyze the data in advance, arrange parts deployment, recommend the latest service network and other functions to improve service efficiency. In addition, Remote Service 2.0 provides more space and possibilities for future customized power configurations.

Cummins Country Six Products

Cummins intelligent network products provide users with more services through Cummins data warehouse and professional engineering analysis, such as fuel economy assessment, driving behavior optimization, remote diagnosis and early warning, more professional engine problem prediction and maintenance advice, and more. Multi-digital products make operation more efficient, services more humane, and driving easier.

Users can dial 400 calls in time to reserve service station maintenance, reduce downtime and cost, and ensure attendance. Forming a data linkage between the user-car-engineer to achieve more powerful engine possibilities.

Reading volume: Source: Cummins China Author: LOO

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