National custom-made small home lifts barrier-free lift platform elevator

My company specializes in designing and manufacturing home lifts, attic lifts, basement freight elevators, and villa elevators. The equipment is equipped with a low-noise motor, which has a reasonable design, does not occupy space, and has a beautiful appearance. It is very popular among users. The company only has high-quality equipment. Users with low quality do not recommend installation. High-quality products and low-quality products have large gaps in materials and design. In the field of home and public accessibility equipment, we have also begun to provide customers with comprehensive and professional accessibility solutions. Starting from the actual situation and needs of customers, tailor-made high-quality accessibility equipment for each user, and provide comprehensive product services. We focus on the design of embedded accessibility systems in each environment, and strive to achieve the perfect combination of complete equipment and interior decoration (or building) at the same time that each design brings convenience to customers. We are striving for the perfect quality, high safety, no noise, low energy consumption, no need for a well, and integrated decoration of equipment and houses. Our focus is the great customer protection. Barrier-free lifting platform technical parameters and functional configuration Standard Configuration Control Power Supply: 24V/DC Motor Power; 1.1KW, 220V/AC Power Supply: 220V/50HZ/25A Hydraulic Host: Original Product, Complete Hydraulic System Drive System: Hydraulic Operation Mode: Jog Control or Automatic Lift Control: Adopted “The operation of the rocker reset switch” Overload protection: overcurrent relay control, lifting platform base plate: aluminum alloy pattern anti-skid plate (electrostatic spray) Working environment: indoor and outdoor applicable installation methods: no pit type installation, directly fixed on Technical parameters of concrete floor: Net height of lifting floor: 1400mm (length) * 950mm (width) Dimensions of equipment: 1650mm*1500mm*L mm Height of lifting: 8000mm (lifting platform from the ground) Lifting floor of small height: 65mm (off the ground) Access method: 90° or 180° Lift speed: 70mm/s Large load: 250KG Control power: 24V/DC Motor power: 0.8KW, 24V/DC/or 1.5KW, 220V/AC, etc. Power supply: 220V/50HZ/25A System: Hydraulic or screw drive mode of operation: Jog control / or automatic installation method: no pit-type installation, directly fixed on the concrete floor external control device: call-out box separately. Placed on the wall near the equipment, under the stop, can also use the remote control emergency stop: press the emergency button switch to control the machine operation. Manual operation: The manual hydraulic valve is opened, or the lifting floor can be lowered manually when the screw is manually turned. Safety interlock: The lifting platform cannot operate during any abnormal operation. Security touch panel: The operation of the security touch panel is blocked and the operation stops immediately. Emergency descent: Manually lower the device when there is no electricity or fault. Hydraulic Explosion Proof: Explosion-proof valve is installed at the end of the hydraulic cylinder. When the oil passage bursts, the descent speed is reduced. Mechanical anti-fall: Mechanical cams are installed on both sides of the guide rail. When the chain is broken, the cam snaps into the guide rail and locks the platform to prevent the platform from falling freely. Indication: The product color and the size of the countertop, the number of meters raised, the weight, according to customer needs, product model and release price, for reference only! Solemn promise: The company is a manufacturer, mainly engaged in lifting lifting machinery and equipment, not a leather bag company. Reputation, quality assurance, abide by the contract, civilized operation, user acceptance, satisfactory service, hope the new and old customers call us. Contact: Manager Yang Telphone QQ Wechat: L18853178156 Corporate Pipeline:

Coil Straightener Feeder with compact design are preferred to be used in case of only small available space as well as in case of less delicate coil material with big material square. They normally are used at middle-sized feeding lengths and middle-sized number of press strokes per minute.

Coil Straightener Feederare composed of a Decoiler Straightener unit and Nc Servo Feeder unit and are particular suitable for profiling, Metal Stamping Press line, roll forming line, laser cutting, shear and many other machining processes.

By combination of straightener and roll feed into one machine, so called feeder-straightener, which is positioned directly at the press, the needed space for a (very often long) material loop of straightened material can be saved..
The feeder-straightener is supplied with material out of a (in comparison) very small loop of not straightened material below the Decoiler .

Coil Straightener Feeder is suitable for automotive industry, automobile stamping, appliances manufacturing, computer and electronic components, hardware and metal parts/Metal Fabrication/Precision Metal Stamping industry etc industry. Such as Bracket, Damper, brake Pad, Tie Bar, Electric Accessory, Shell Parts Of Printers, Computer Frame,Slide Rail of Car Seat, Splash Shield of car body and etc. 

Coil Straightener Feeder

Press Room Automation, Coil Straightener Feeder,NC Leveler Feeder, Unwinding Leveling Feeding

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