Mtcw-6 Mold Temperature Controller with 6kw Heating Power

  • Model NO.: MTCW-6
  • Heating Power: 6kw
  • Transport Package: Wooden Package
  • Origin: China
  • Control Temerature Range: Environment Temp. to 100 Centigrade
  • Trademark: SHICA
  • Specification: 650*340*580mm
Mould Temperature Controller 
*The temperature control adopted Japanese. Germany,Taiwan.Precise and reliable,
  if can control within +- 1ºC and save electricity over 35%.
*Two sets of electric heater cylinder made from stainless steel.
*Emplaying supeb imported components,with longer terms of service.
*Rapid heating and cool off speeds,temp kept stable at times.
*Complete with safety protection and indication system.
*PLC control panel
Specifications Water Type Oil Type
Control Temp. Range Environment Temp. to 100ºC Environment Temp. to 160ºC Environment Temp.  to 200ºC
Voltage 3PHASE  380v   50Hz or 60Hz 3PHASE  380v   50Hz or 60Hz
Cooling Methold Direct Cooling Indirect Cooling
Fluid Clean Water Heat Transfer Oil
Heating Capacity KW 3 6 9 12 3 6 9 12 6 12
Pump Power 0.375 0.375 0.375 0.75 0.375 0.375 0.375 0.75 0.375 0.75
Flow Volume(L/MIN) 80 80 80 110 60 60 60 90 60 90
Cooling Water Pipe/inch 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
Process Fluid Pipe/inch 1/2*4 1/2*4 1/2*6 1/2*8 1/2*4 1/2*4 1/2*6 1/2*8 1/2*4 1/2*8
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 650*340*580 650*340*580 650*340*580 750*400*700 650*340*580 650*340*580 750*400*700 750*400*700 650*340*580 750*400*700
Weight 54 54 72 90 58 58 75 95 58 75
 Mtcw-6 Mold Temperature Controller with 6kw Heating Power
Mtcw-6 Mold Temperature Controller with 6kw Heating PowerMtcw-6 Mold Temperature Controller with 6kw Heating Power

3LPE CoatedPIPE FITTINGS  consist of 3 layers for Pipe Fitting coating.

Layer 1 consists of Fusion Bonded Epoxy. This later provides protection against corrosion and is fusion bonded with the blasted steel surface.

Layer 2 is a copolymer adhesive which has excellent chemical bonding to the inner layer and the top layer of polyethylene.

Layer 3 is the layer of polyethylene used for protection against any physical damage of the PIPE FITTINGS .

The 3 layer polyethylene coated PIPE FITTINGS  are the preferred choice for transmission of oil and gas around the world. It can withstand varied temperatures and environments ranging from dessert dry lands to deep underwater regions. 3LPE coated Steel Pipe FITTINGS  are used for transportation of drinking water, oil and gas and other fluids. The 3LPE coated PIPE FITINGS can be used in the high temperatures as high as 60o C to 80 oC.

Features of 3LPE coated  PIPE FITTINGS

1. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance preventing steel pipes from any damage.
2. Resistance to cathodic disbondment
3. The external layer of polyethylene prevents any physical damages to either the pipes or the fusion bonded epoxy during handling
4. The 3LPE coated pipes have high performance characteristics and an extended life cycle

3LPE Coating Fittings

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