Motorcycle tire pressure is low

During normal driving, it was found that the taxiing distance of the motorcycle was significantly reduced compared with usual, and the effect of sliding on the downhill section was also weakened, and it felt very laborious when pushing the vehicle on the flat ground. At this time, first check whether the air pressure of the front and rear tires is within the normal standard value. If the front and rear tire inflation amounts are not consistent or obviously insufficient, the fuel consumption will increase, and the tire should be inspected and inflated in time.

If the inspection reveals that the tire is seriously worn and often slips during driving, this will not only increase the fuel consumption, but also bring hidden dangers to safe driving. It is necessary to replace the new spare tire in time. Of course, it is best to equip a tire-specific barometer for tire pressure detection before preparing for long-distance travel.

Insufficient tire pressure is also the direct cause of early tire damage. According to statistics on motorcycle tire repair, it is found that nearly 85% of tires are worn out early because of insufficient tire pressure.

Insufficient tire pressure will generate a lot of heat during long-distance driving. When the generated heat is greater than the heat generated, it will be prone to puncture, which will endanger the safety of driving.

Insufficient tire pressure not only jeopardizes driving safety, but also reduces the actual service life of the tire by about 20% to 40%. When inflating the tire, it should be inflated according to the maximum air pressure value indicated on the side of the currently used tire, and not inflated according to the maximum air pressure indicated on the motorcycle instruction manual, so as to ensure the best wear resistance and lengthening of the tire. Service life.

Turning Machine

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