MIT develops diamond-based quantum sensors

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] MIT researchers pioneered the creation of diamond-based quantum sensors on silicon. The team believes that this technology will cost-effectively manufacture scalable hardware that will be used for quantum computing, sensing and communications in the future. This technological breakthrough takes advantage of the so-called “nitrogen vacancy (NV) center”.
The NV center of the diamond is an electronic defect that can be manipulated by light and microwave. In response to this manipulation, they emit color images that carry quantum information about the surrounding magnetic and electric fields. These data can be used for biosensing, neuroimaging, target detection, and other sensing applications.
The team pointed out that traditional NV sensors are the size of a kitchen table and require other large components, limiting the practicality and flexibility of the sensor. The MIT team has developed how to integrate components including microwave generators, filters, and photodetectors into millimeter-scale packages using traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques.
The sensor operates at room temperature and senses direction and magnetic field strength. The team was able to use this sensor to measure frequency changes at the atomic scale. This data may contain information about the environment. The researchers say that by further refinement, the sensor can be used in other areas, including drawing electrical pulse patterns in the brain and detecting objects in the dark.

Our Engine power can be from 10kw to 300kw, with rated speed 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm.

The engines can be for many functions.

Such as generator set, at 50 hz or 60 hz.

With PTO shaft and belt pulley, to supply power output to drive machine.

Marine Engine, to use for marine generator. Or marine power with marine gearbox.

1),295/2100/495/4100/4102/4106 series are vortex flow type or direct injection high speed diesel engine. They are 2 cylinders, 4 cylinders, with cylinder liner 95 mm to 105 mm, and bore stroke 115 mm, speed between 1500 rpm to 2400 rpm. With the advantages of low fuel consumption, strong reliability, big torque, easy to start, convenient maintenance, they are perfect selection of generator, stationary fixed power, water pump, engineering machine and marine power. And we can also produce remodel machine depends on customer's specific requirements.

2),R4105/R6105/R6110/R6113 series diesel engine is developed by our factory, after learned wildly from UK-Ricardo Company. With power range of 50kw to 165kw, and speed is from 1500 rpm to 2400 rpm, can be used for generator, water pump, marine engine, etc.

3),6126/618 series is an advanced engine, which we introduced from Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug GmbH of Austria. Its displacement is 9.726L, and has naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and turbo-inter cooled model. Power range is from 200kw to 330kw, with speed between 1500rpm to 2400rpm. As with advantages of small volume, light in weight,

Less fuel consumption, low noise, high standard emission, high Universality, it is idea power for heavy truck, car, engineering industrial machine, marine and generator.

a),Steady and reliable Performance

This series engine of diesel engine are optimized designed by contain the structure performance, high intensity of original diesel engine. The performance and operating are thus steadier. And the life of engine has been also prolonged.

b), Strong power

All series engine are developed on basis of original model by optimizing its fuel system, air intake system, exhaust system, cooling system, transmitting system. Its power will be more efficiently.

c),Huatian engine, with perfect spare parts, various air filter, muffler, charge alternator, starter, air compressor, fan, radiator, oil cooler, electrical stop part, electrical governor. We can also design depends on customers specific requirements,


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