Mine crusher can process what materials

Crushers are what we call crushers, industrial crushers, and crushers, especially those that can crush machine ore, minerals or other large pieces of material. The crusher can crush dolomite, fluorspar, fluorite, limestone, feldspar, marble, quartz, pyrophyllite, calcite, barite, talc, granite, basalt, graphite, coal, slag, slag, gypsum, clay Shells, shells, humic acids, glass, ceramics, construction waste and other materials play an important role in many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, road construction, water conservancy and chemical industry.

Crusher classification:

There are many types of pulverizers. The commonly used pulverizers include jaw mills, hammer mills, roller mills, impact mills, cone mills, impact mills, compound mills, and crushers. Based on the development of screening crusher integrated machine, mobile crushing station.

Crusher structure:

Jaw crusher: mainly consists of motor, eccentric shaft, flywheel, pulley, belt, moving jaw plate, static iron plate, frame, moving rod, adjustment seat, guard plate and other components.

Cone crusher: Mainly consists of frame, drive shaft assembly, spindle assembly, eccentric bushing assembly, moving cone assembly, fixed cone assembly, adjustment device, lubrication system, hydraulic system, spring insurance system, under Pukou and other components.

Crusher working principle:

Jaw crusher: The motor drives the eccentric shaft through the belt drive pulley to make the moving jaw plate reciprocate. When the moving jaw plate approaches the static jaw plate, the friction fluorite is squeezed to break the fluorite. When the moving jaw plate is far away from the static jaw plate, the broken fluorite will be discharged from the gap between the dynamic and static two jaw plates by gravity.

Cone crusher: The motor drive pulley drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The eccentric sleeve forces the movable cone to do a pendulum motion so that the liner on the movable cone sometimes approaches and stays away from the fixed cone liner, and the material is continuously squeezed between the movable cone liner and the fixed cone liner after the material enters the crushing chamber. And broken. The broken material is discharged from the discharge opening in the lower part of the crusher.

Crusher price:

Crusher prices vary widely, different types of models, different quality, different manufacturers, so that the price of mills are not the same. The specific price of the pulverizer can consult the crusher manufacturer Yu Hong.

Crusher manufacturers:

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