MIIT publishes five valve-related industry standards

On October 29, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Notice (No. 63 of 2015)” on its official website. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the approval of 902 industry standards such as “Small and Medium-sized Axial Flow Submersible Pumps” (the standard number, name, main content, and initial implementation date are shown in Annex 1), of which 648 are mechanical industry standards and 13 are automotive industry standards. Items, 24 aviation industry standards, 20 shipping industry standards, 48 ​​light industrial standards, 9 chemical industry standards, 19 metallurgical industry standards, 3 building materials industry standards, 2 non-ferrous metal industry standards, and rare earth industry standards 5 Items, 60 items for electronic industry standards and 51 items for communication industry standards. Among them, there are 5 standards related to the valve and safety pressure relief device industry. The standard release date is October 10, 2015 and the implementation date is March 1, 2016. The above mechanical industry standards are published by the Machinery Industry Press.

These five articles are JB/T 8527-2015 “Metal Sealing Butterfly Valves” that replace JB/T 8527-1997, and stipulate the terms and definitions, structure types, types and parameters, requirements, tests, inspection rules, and labels of metal sealing butterfly valves. , packaging, storage and delivery requirements. It is mainly used for metal sealing butterfly valves with nominal pressure of PN2.5-PN160 and Class 150 to Class 900, nominal size of DN50-DN6000, temperature of -29°C-538°C, flange, clip and welded connection.

The JB/T 12386-2015 “Feeding and Exhausting Valves for Water Supply Pipelines” stipulates the terms and definitions, models and structural types, technical requirements, test methods, performance tests, inspection rules, signs, and packaging for the intake and exhaust valves of the accumulated water pipelines. And storage and transportation. Mainly applies to micro intake and exhaust valves with nominal size DN15-DN25, nominal pressure no more than PN25, DN25-DN300, quick inlet and exhaust valves with nominal pressure no more than PN25, and combined rapid intake and exhaust valves; medium water temperature 0°C -65°C.

JB/T 12387-2015 "High-temperature and high-pressure ball valves for power stations" stipulates the structure and type, technical requirements, materials, quality control requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, protection, packaging, and transportation of high-temperature and high-pressure ball valves for power stations. Storage, ordering requirements, etc. Mainly applicable to the nominal size DN15 ~ DN100 (NPS1/2-NPS4), the pressure level is not greater than PN760 (class4500), the medium temperature is not greater than 620 °C, the medium for water, steam thermal power station with high temperature, high pressure ball valve.

JB/T 12746-2015 "Safety Assessment Method for Defective High-Temperature Pressure Pipes and Valves" mainly provides terms, general statements, safety assessment procedures and basic procedures for safety assessment of high temperature pressure pipes and valves containing defects, elastic stress analysis, and exemptions. For creep failure analysis judgment, calculation of reference stress and stress intensity factor, calculation of long-lasting fracture life, calculation of creep crack propagation, detailed evaluation process, evaluation conclusions and reports. It is mainly applicable to the safety assessment of crack-type plane defects detected in pressure pipelines and valves in the category of high-temperature creep. It is determined whether the crack plane defects will extend to unacceptable levels during the given loading conditions and the expected service life of the evaluated object. degree.

The industrial valve plunger valve of B/T 12526-2015 defines the structure type, technical requirements, materials, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation and storage of the plunger valve. It is mainly used for industrial plunger valves with nominal pressure PN10-PN40, nominal size DN15-DN300, working temperature 1°C-300°C, and working media such as steam, gas and other non-corrosive media.

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