Liquid Turbine Flowmeter Installation Considerations

Liquid turbine flowmeters are widely used in the measurement and control systems in the fields of petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, and scientific research. Sensors are available in normal, high-precision, and wear-resistant (hard alloy) forms. There are two kinds of amplifiers: common type and explosion-proof type. The sensor can also be used with LRT-I type field flow totalizer (lithium battery power supply, battery replacement for 1 year).

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter (1) Before installing the turbine flow meter, clean the piping. When the measured media is not clean, add a filter. Otherwise, the turbine and bearing are easily stuck and no flow can be measured.

(2) When disassembling the flowmeter, the magnetic induction part cannot be collided.

(3) Set the meter factor before commissioning. Carefully check to make sure that the instrument wiring is correct and the grounding is good before sending power.

(4) When installing the turbine flowmeter, the front and rear duct flanges should be horizontal, otherwise the pipeline stress has a great influence on the flowmeter.

Liquid turbine flowmeter

The sprayer can basically be divided into the following parts:

Gun, tip, Motor & Drive System, pump assembly, filter, Pressure Control, auxiliary spray accessories.



• Acts as the on/off valve for the material Spray Tip

• Controls the amount of fluid sprayed by using different orifice sizes

• Orifice shape determines the spray pattern.

• Many Graco tips can be turned to the reverse position by hand to blow out clogs

Motor & Drive System

• A heavy duty system that drives the pump


• Also called the Fluid Section

• Delivers a steady stream of high pressure fluid through the hose to the Spray Gun filter,

• Prevent large particles from entering and avoid clogging the spray gun

Pressure Control

• Used to regulate the fluid pressure delivered from the pump

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