Light incubator creates conditions for artificial culture of Anoectochilus

Anoectochilus is a plant of Orchidaceae. Anoectochilus not only has high medicinal value, but also has the reputation of “king of drugs” and “golden grass” in folk, and it is also an indoor ornamental treasure with great ornamental value. Although the prospects of Anoectochilus are broad, under natural conditions, it is difficult for Anoectochilus seeds to germinate independently. In addition, the natural environment has been damaged in recent years, and human activities have affected the growth of Anoectochilus. In this context, serious effects were caused. Using this light incubator to simulate the environmental conditions required for the seed germination of Anoectochilus roxburghii could create conditions for the artificial culture of Anoectochilus roxburghii.

Light incubator

In the artificial culture of Anoectochilus roxburghii, how to germinate seedlings of Anoectochilus seeds is a technical difficulty. In order to successfully germinate the seeds of Anoectochilus, in addition to the high requirements for seeds themselves, the requirements for the climate and environment are also very high. Therefore, using the light incubator to manually control light, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions in a confined space can meet the stringent requirements of the germination of Anoectochilus seeds on the climate and greatly increase the germination rate and germination quality of the seeds. The foundation for the development of scale has been laid.

The effectiveness of Anoectochilus is numerous, and the market prospect is wide. Before carrying out artificial cultivation of Anoectochilus on a large scale, we need to go through a lot of experiments to provide scientific basis for its development. The application of the light incubator provides the necessary environmental conditions for the study of the seed germination and development of Anoectochilus, which facilitates the development of various important experiments and improves the efficiency and precision of the experiment. With its support, The scientific research results obtained will be valuable experience in the artificial cultivation of Anoectochilus roxburghii, promoting the rapid development of the artificial planting industry of Anoectochilus, and making great contributions to people and social development.

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