LED advertising car brake failure how to save

When driving an LED advertising vehicle, suddenly encountered a brake failure can not become very panic, the more hurried it will be more chaotic. When long-term driving LED advertising vehicles go to various townships to advertise, long-term driving vehicles will always encounter some large and small faults. However, under the condition that the LED advertising vehicle driver has encountered a brake failure, the driver with poor mental capacity should be at a loss, and finally he will end with a rear-end accident. So when the LED advertising vehicle encounters brake failure, what is it to do to reduce the risk?


The first step is to try to lower the LED advertising car stalls. If there is no response after pulling down the handbrake, try to grab the stalls and see if they can adjust the stalls from high to high. What needs to be done at this time is to hit the throttle with a big foot, and then revert the file, then hit the throttle on the big foot, and then enter the file, if there is no brake in the case of a downhill LED advertising car, because of inertia The reason is that the speed of LED advertising vehicles will be faster and faster, and the gearbox is also difficult to open and close at this time, and most of them will appear to be unable to grab the low gear. This time is also need to rely on the Bigfoot thrashing throttle, the synchronizer to the boom, after the force of the stalls to push down, wait until the LED advertising vehicle speed gradually reduced after watching and handbrake together, the LED advertising car Stop slowly.

If the LED advertising vehicle does not work when it hangs up, then look at the nearby mountains. If there are cases, then it is best to choose a hill near the right lane, drive the LED advertising vehicle to the road, and then hold the steering wheel to the side of the mountain. It's not a collision. To use the right car body area to come in contact with the mountain, the friction will gradually increase, making the LED advertising vehicle stop faster.

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