Isolated Barrier Application Benefits

Isolated Barrier Application Benefits Isolated barrier application advantages analysis

1 Compared with the zener safety barrier, the isolated barrier has a higher price, but it still brings many advantages and features to the user, so that more and more users prefer the isolated barrier.

2 Using isolated barriers, the detecting barrier can effectively isolate the field loop signal in the danger zone from the safe zone loop signal. This intrinsically safe control system does not require an intrinsically safe grounding system, which simplifies the application of the intrinsically safe explosion-proof system.

3 The use of isolated barriers greatly enhances the anti-interference ability of the detection and control loops and improves the system reliability.

4 Use an isolated safety barrier to allow grounding of the instrument in the field, allowing the field instrument to be non-isolated.

5Isolated safety barriers have a lot of protection function circuit, the possibility of accidental damage is small, allowing on-site instrument with electricity overhaul, this can shorten the engineering start-up time and reduce the parking time.

6 Isolated barriers have strong signal processing capabilities. Such as digital input state control, mV, Pt100 becomes 4 ~ 20mA and so on. This provides greater convenience, reasonableness, and efficiency for the application of field instrumentation and control systems.

7 When users apply DCS and ESD at the same time, use one or two safety barriers, which can effectively isolate the two systems and avoid mutual influence between systems.

The 8 loop power supply isolated safety barrier not only maintains the advantages of active isolated safety barrier, but also has the same wiring as the Zener type safety barrier. It does not require another 24V power supply, and is especially suitable for DCS systems with I/O card direct power supply.

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